How State Employment Agency in Latvia deals with unemployment

The registered unemployment rate in the Latvia in late April 2011 was 13.9% of the economically active population. Compared with March 2011, the unemployment rate has fallen by 0.5%. State Employment Agency records the beginning of April 2011 was 163,454, in late April – 157,857 unemployed. 6650 SEA registered unemployed in April in employment.

Relatively the lowest unemployment rate in April 2011, registered in Riga region – 10.5%, the highest unemployment was in Latgale region – 22.5%. Kurzeme region, the unemployment rate in April was 14.8% in Zemgale region – 15.4%, Vidzeme region – 15.7%.

State Employment Agency organizes different kinds of trainings to improve unemployed person skills or to prequalify them for up to date labor market needs and economical situation. Being unemployed include psychological factors too and such courses and activities can prevent a person from losing his job skills and good will to find a job. 38298 people in April of 2011 took part in State Employment Agency’s organized active employment activities. Such as:
• Training in job skills acquisition and maintenance, if the employer is a municipality (the Practice of municipalities)
• Professional training, retraining or a career in non-formal education and training at the employer
• Activities to increase competitiveness
• complex support activities
• Activities for certain groups
• commercial activity or self-employment
Whether one finds a job and how fast it happens mainly depends on a person, but still government policies play major role in this process. Successfully organized and useful activities accelerate this process and helps for those who are not active enough.


2 thoughts on “How State Employment Agency in Latvia deals with unemployment

  1. I think these schemes are a great way of tackling unemployment in a country. Improving the skills of people without jobs but seeking work will make them more desirable to future employers. Also if they can show by completing some of these schemes that they can quickly learn new skills and are eager to learn they will seem like a much better candidate should a job arise. I think other European countries need to follow Latvia’s lead and implement schemes like this one to improve their own labour markets.

  2. This way of reskilling people is good way how can help them get involved into labour market. In my opinion it is necessary and can helps people who have problem with integration. Of course as you mentioned the problem is mostly in people. They take advantage of social benefit and don´t try to work. But every country has got this kind of help and I think that in many countries works, whether more or fewer and the rest depend on people their activity and power to work.


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