Pupils employment in one of Latvia’s regions

To facilitate the Kuldiga district student employment during the summer holidays, giving them the opportunity to acquire basic working skills and gain experience, Kuldiga district Municipality together with local businessmen organizes special employment program.

City Council invite 16-18 year old students from low-income families, as well as from families with three or more children to apply for this project in city Council.

Employment is planned for the period from June 13 to August 19. Young people will be provided with work for one month, four hours a day – a total of 20 hours per week, with the remuneration of national minimum wage for the hours actually worked. Pupils’ reward will be paid from the Kuldiga district municipal budget.

On the one hand such facility is wonderful, since it gives opportunity for young people from low income families to spend their time in a useful way and it may prevent spending it on something negative. Also there should be no concerns about impact on their health since work will continue for only one month and 4 hours a day. But on the other hand I wonder what kind of experience they will gain. Since such programs in Latvia Municipalities exists for a while and as far as I know provided jobs are mostly low skilled ones. Which makes a question whether entrepreneurs will not use this program just to get low paid workforce for jobs that others simply don’t want to do. But undoubtedly any kind of experience is experience.


2 thoughts on “Pupils employment in one of Latvia’s regions

  1. I think this scheme sounds like a great idea and I am sure it is having a very positive effect on the area and the children. It will give the children a sense of responsibility, independence and self worth. Although the skills learned may be of no benefit to them in the future it will do no harm to them and I am sure they appreciate the opportunity.

  2. Generally seen, i think that this project is a very good thing. As employers more and more ask for employees with work-experience this might make their future job-search easier. But as ieva11 already mentioned this could also be a very clever strategy to exploit young people. So, i think this project would need more control of the government or maybe also the EU.


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