Co. Monaghan Labour Market

Co. Monaghan is a northern region in the Republic of Ireland. It has an estimated population of 52,593, 27.7% of that population are 25-44. They compose the largest percentage of the population in Monaghan. In Co. Monaghan and like the rest of Ireland we have a large number of migrant workers.  The unemployment rate in Ireland was 8.8, in County Monaghan this figure was higher at 9.9. National labour force participation rates are 58.3, while in County Monaghan they are 57.4. Castleblaney in south Monaghan has the highest unemployment rate recorded. The male and female unemployment rate is higher in county Monaghan compared to the national rate. The biggest problem in Monaghan with education is the low education attainment of the adult population (37% of workforce did not progress beyond primary school and it is estimated that 25% of adults have basic literacy and innumeracy skill problems). In county Monaghan the lack of local 3rd level education leaves a small number progressing beyond secondary level education. However since the economic recession the numbers have fluctuated in the regional Further Education Colleges. The unemployed and adults are returning to college in hope of expanding their skills and acquiring a job.  There were 23,428 employed in the labour force in Monaghan, the percentage higher than the national percentage. Most people in county Monaghan are employed in the manufacture and commerce sectors. Agriculture and Construction have too higher rate than them of a national level. Monaghan’s neighbouring Northern Ireland meant they benefited significantly from the drop in exchange rates and the weakness of the sterling. Many could commute to receive better offers.


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