Global Labour Market

Our world today is heading towards a socio-ecological transition. Everything we do around the world has an impact all over the world e.g. our energy resources. The global population at the minute stands at 6 billion, it is expected to increase to 8 billion by 2025 causing more pressure and tension on the environment. There have been recent changes in the global employment structure. The latest crisis is that the economic growth has fallen 5%. Their employment has had the same fall, they are levelling out. Poverty is noticeable all over the world, it is estimated that there is 800-900 million people leaving in poverty throughout the world. However considering the global crisis, global employment has continued to grow. Although Europe and South Eastern Europe contracted sharply the remaining global employment increased. While the global employment continued to grow, the employment-to-population ratio, which represents the share of people of working age in employment, declined from 61.7 per cent in 2007 to 61.1% in 2010. Many of the developed countries are clearly not producing employment opportunities. Unemployment began to slow down in 2010, at present it is estimated there is 205 million unemployed, the unemployment rate standing at 6.2%. Globally unemployment is higher in men than women, men stands at 118.4 million and women 86.5 million. The global downturn has severely hit youths in terms of employment. The number of unemployed youths (15-24) stands at 77.7 million and the rate of 12.6%. The labour force participation rates have also been knocked by the global downturn. The rate of labour force participation was 65.3%. A global plan for more educational opportunities needs to be implemented to help solve the unemployment and poverty problems around the globe.

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