Republic of Ireland Labour Market

Irelands population currently is estimated at 4,670, 976. Its population is made up of 21.1% under the age of 14, 67.3% between the age of 15-64 and lastly 11.6% over the age of 65. Ireland has the youngest population rate in Europe. This Western country has been hit severely by the economic recession. Not only has the unemployment rate plummeted but emigration rates have increased dramatically with many youths after 3rd level education leaving to seek employment elsewhere. Employment has fallen by over a quarter of a million from 2009 to 2010. The Employment rate fell to 60%. Despite the job decrease part time employment is slowly increasing with higher numbers in short term employment. The number of foreign nationals in employment in employment is still very high as higher than it has been historically. This saw a drop in the labour force in Ireland. There has been many schemes implemented to help solve the high unemployment rate, back to education schemes and adult classes have been set up to help reduce the unemployment rate and reduce the number of Irish citizens on benefits.  They believe that educational attainment improves health, lower risks of unemployment and reduces poverty. The lifelong learning is a leading principle for education and training in the Lisbon Agenda.


One thought on “Republic of Ireland Labour Market

  1. For me it was very interesting to read that Ireland has the youngest population rate within the EU. It saddens me that people have to leave they home country because they don’t have any possibilities to find a job. A nations future relies on the younth. How can you create a good economic growth when the high-educated youth emigrates?! I think Ireland is going into the right direction according to the reforms of the education and benefit system. Lifelong learning is a good way to prevent unemployment but you also need to create jobs. It’s good to have high-educated people but where schould they work if there are no open vacancies for them.


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