Albania: Ten thousands of children have to work

On a conference in Tirana, the capital of Albania, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) presented a new study about child labour in Albania together with its two albanian member unions, the KSSH and the BSPSH. The study demonstrates that child labour is still a big problem in Albania. Every day ten thousands of children have to work there, instead of going to school. Primary, they work in industries like agricultures, the shoe- and apparel industry (especially for western european companies), they sell bits and bobs on the streets (like cigarettes and chewing gums), they wash cars and help to recycle waste. Poverty, caused by a high unemployment rate and low wages is not the only reason for child labour in Albania. Many migration flows inside of Albania influence the education system, on top of that the awareness for the necessity of a school education have decreased in some demographic groups. Inadequate control mechanisms for the laws of school attendance and against child labour are additional factors which facilitate the problem, likewise broken families and prejudices against minorities. The conference in Tirana took place in the context of a global trade unions campaign against child labour. Worldwide 250 million children have to work.


4 thoughts on “Albania: Ten thousands of children have to work

  1. I think that child labour in the world is a real social problem. We are aware of that for a long time, nevertheless the situation did not still evolve. As long as costs of workforces will be derisory in Third World countries, multinationals will take advantage of it. For example Nike, which makes Chinese children work to minimize its production costs…

  2. It is shocking to see that the European’s are jointly responsible for this to happen, as they are the main consumers of products sold by children in Albania. It doesn’t make sense to me that our societies financially support children in Africa through different charities, protecting them from poverty, but children in Albania are working like slaves, are completely exploited, and ripped of. It is simply a paradox.

  3. I honestly think that the companies who are using these kids should pay the education of these kids, because I think that the albanian government and the EU can track down these comapnies and make them pay for this. This is bad for the future of Albania , because the youth is the future.

  4. This situation is really very bad. It‘s not fear that children have to work, they have to go to schools and be just kids. But not just Albania has this problem, also Africa. One in four African children have to work.
    Of course children need to know that it is mean work, from there they parents get money, but is shouldn‘t be their duty.


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