Nice job opportunities for young workers and migrants in Munich

Munich is the Capital City of Bavaria, with some 1.35 million people; it is a large city and the third largest city in Germany.

In 2010 the unemployment rate in Munich was only 4.7 % and thus below the national average. Thereby the job market in Munich has developed very positively for young workers. The number of people aged 15 to 25 registered unemployed amounted 4303 persons for the last year. All in all, it can be claimed that young people in Munich always can find a workplace without major problems. At the same time, this leads to the result that there are not enough young workers in Munich!

For people over 55 years, the labour market situation in Munich was more complicated slightly last year. Compared to 2009, the unemployment rate rose in this group of employees by 2,000 people. Accordingly, the Federal Agency for Employment provides a huge backlog and improvement in this area.

Depending on your personal skills and needs, persons with foreign citizenship are included in all offers of active employment promotion. In addition, the local “Collaborative Project Work” provides special offers for migrants. The Improvement of the German language is of particular importance; this also represents a participation in vocational training courses and is a mandatory requirement.

There are specific projects and services for people with immigrant backgrounds, with the following key aspects in 2011:

  • The Use of vocational-language courses
  • An intensive cooperation with the Federal Office of migrants
  • Close work with the Project “Service Centre on Foreign Degrees”
  • Consulting and timely manner to complete the steps required

The Employment Agency in Munich is expecting a labour shortage in 2011. The Labour Market in Munich will be determined by high demand for skilled workers this year. Thus the unemployment rate will continue to decrease. Munich hopes that the Labour Market in Munich will attract workers from outside in order to fill these vacancies.



3 thoughts on “Nice job opportunities for young workers and migrants in Munich

  1. It seems like Munich is doing really good according to youth unemployment and the integration of immigrants into the local labour market. I think the labour mobility in Germany is not very high. If people would be more flexible re to the location of work the issue could be limited. Furthermore, the lack of skilled workers is a national problem, not only Munich is dealing with it.

  2. I think that Munich is very perspective and attractive for young people use oportunity of this city, because the unemployment rate is unbelievable low. It´s perfect situation and Germany can really good deal with problem. Has such a low unemployment rate is for my surprise and fact that is posible to do things in this field better and countries have to bring from Munich example. The program for migrants is valuable too. Nowdays is necessary help people in this fields. Support them and create good living conditions.

  3. I think this is a good situation for Munich and the young generation but they should plan more jobs for the old people. The population is ageing in Germany so I think they need more jobs for the old generation otherwise the young people have to pay for the old one. Nevertheless it is good that Munich take care of the young generation and integrate the immigrants in the local labour market.


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