Gobal long-term unemployment

The number of long-term unemployment is getting bigger each year. People who are not able to find a job longer than 12 month belong to the rate of long-term unemployment. Through this a number of 19% of unemployment comes up. This number is made up by unemployed (7%) and part-time workers (12%) who would like to work more. Because of those facts 1.53 billion people have vulnerable jobs. They work under bad conditions with a low salary.

The most significant countries in terms of long-term unemployment can be seen in the picture below:


As you can see, in five of those ten countries the number of long-term unemployed people has raised. Only in Poland, Germany and Russia a real decrease can be determined. The overview shows that the situation gets more and more critical.

In Ireland the number of long-term unemployment is the highest with almost 60%. The overall unemployment figure increased from 3.000 people to 302.000. This high number is caused by the desperate of the people to go back to job life. The longer they stay unemployed the more afraid they get. It is a dilemma the government has to solute.  

In America the long-term unemployed now account for 30% of the total population, up from 10% in 2007. Experts are shocked because they believed that America’s flexible labour markets are protected from the European levels of long-term unemployment. In the United States the situation is very critical because they lost almost 9 million jobs in the most recent economic downturn.

In Spain the total number of long-term unemployment decreased over the last 25 years from 57.6% in 1986 to 40% in 2011. In Comparison to other countries the number of 40% is still very high.

In Conclusion the situation is difficult, if the number of long-term unemployment once has been high, it is hard to decrease it because the people get more and more frustrated. Because of this, each government has to find a solution for its country. Possible solutions can be trainings or quality educations.





3 thoughts on “Gobal long-term unemployment

  1. Long term unemployment is quite dangerous for a country, because people who ones are belonging to this group, won´t find a job so fast. They are not motivated and not used to have a working day. I think the government should try to avoid this kind of unemployment offering new qualifications, new job opportunities and special support. Often there is the situation that long term unemployed people simply do not want to work refusing the job offers from the job center. In that case the government should implement stricter regulations.

  2. It is interesting that this phenomenon is present in all industrialized nations around the world. All have to find a solution how to get people out of the long-term unemployment. The governments and job centers have to find a solution how to reach the people which have been sitting at home for years and motivate them to become active again. Foremost where most developed countries are facing labor shortage due to the demographic change, long- term unemployed could help to fill this gap.


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