Women in Top Management positions

2012 – A globalized world, where man and women have the same rights in society and politics. Does this also count for the economy? Gender Diversity is nowadays a very trendy word. Enterprises are getting more and more aware of it and also do hire more women even in highly masculine domains. So, why does this diversity not reach the Top Management? In 2010, McKinsey did a research on this. They asked 300 companies and 1.500 executive managers. The most important outcomes can be limited to the following: Firstly, Gender Diversity needs to be anchored into a company’s business. Furthermore, the upper management needs to be open for changes and actively and consequently work on it. Secondly, the need of individual encouragement of female (young) academics needs to be improved because this is the key to success regarding Gender Diversity.

In general, people seem to agree that women are more farsighted, act more social responsible and are more embedding with regard to intercultural and/or environmental issues.  On the opposite, there are men. Men seem to be determined and are more advanced regarding technological items. Furthermore, they are more flexible regarding international mobility and can thus assure their position. Regarding this, the following question arises:  Are the roles of women and men still fixed divided even though we are living in a globalized and advanced world. Or why else women still have a problem in combining their career and family planning? Or do the companies just not give more opportunities in combining these two?




5 thoughts on “Women in Top Management positions

  1. In fact it is still a problem to get hired for a top-management position as a woman. Even though some countries have set regulations in this area, the head of the companies are often not willing to let this change happen.
    But if they would face Gender Diversity in their companies it could help them being even more successful. Gender Diversity must be adhered in the company´s culture and furthermore the top managers must actively stand behind this strategy and should encourage more women for top management positions.

  2. Although the labor market is more convenient for women, they will always have more problems at work than men. It’s main about the pregnancy. A woman needs better working conditions. A woman must have those few days of rest. It is less profitable for companies. There are also those women who immediately return to work. They are very enterprising women who do not devote themselves to the family at 100%. In the modern world increasingly more and more we hear about paternity leave where after the birth of the child’s mother returns to work and the father care of the child . It is a good solution for business women and company where women are in top management positions.

  3. Even though we live in a globalized world, I think there is still a big division between the roal allocation in the business world. Men are still preferred in high positions although there are statistics that prove that companies run buy woman are more profitable. As mentioned in the comment above I think on the one hand the companies don´t want to loose a person in a manager position “just because she conceived”. Depending on the country there different opportunities to combine work and family life but it is really hard. Concerning this situation politics should change enabling women to work even they have small children. On the other hand there is the predjudice that women don´t fit as well as men in management positions. Some men even have problems working with a woman who fill a higher vacancy. I think it will be a very long process with a lot of efford to reach equality in this question.

  4. Nowadays we still have more men in Top management positions than women. In Poland 38% of women work as a boss. This situation is improves but women very offen have to fight for their right. They even earn less money in the same position as a men. According to the stereotypes they are considered as a weaker than men and the have to show all the time so they can be a good manager, prove their worth. On the other hand in my opinion is true so generally women are more emotional, what is no so good for doing business, for being a head of company. You have to be focused on a goals and be hard, not emotional.


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