Hope for Andalusia

On Monday, 5th of March 2012, Luciano Alonso, the Andalusian minister of tourism, commerce and sports has been in Düsseldorf, Germany, in order to present different upcoming sport events. Germany is not only Spain’s second biggest trading partner but also a country where sports contribute to a vital life balance. Alonso thinks that sports is a necessary tool to improve one’s quality of life and wants Andalusia to be distinguishing mark regarding sports in Spain. At the same time, an increased offer of sports would stimulate the tourism sector. Andalusia is already known for its outstanding golf courses. 24, 2 % of all golf courses are located in Andalusia. Each year about 427.000 tourists travel to Andalusia in order to play golf here. As it obvious, that there is a great demand for golf in Andalusia, the regional government sees this as an option to meliorate its offer and sets itself the goal to become the leader in offering golf courses in Europe. Furthermore, Andalusia is also famous for its ski-region Sierra Nevada. Because of its closeness to other regions like Granada, the Alhambra and the Costa Tropical & Costa del Sol, it gives a great opportunity to sport and travel.  Thus, sailing and surfing are another sporty option.

As mentioned before, Germany is an important partner for Spain, not only with regard to commerce. Even in the sports sector, Germans play a huge role. 14% (130.000) of all German tourists come to Andalusia to do sport. 6.3 % of the tourists playing golf are Germans. Germans in general are very sportive; one third of the German population is doing sport in a sport club.

With regard to this, there is an opportunity to upgrade the tourism and sports sector of Andalusia. With a higher proposal and events, Andalusia has the chance to get their economy running again. 


6 thoughts on “Hope for Andalusia

  1. I think this is good news for Andalusia. This offers a lot of opportunities. If Andalusia does the right things and make the right offers it could be an economic boom.

    On long-term it will offer a lot of employment. And the economy is able to move forward again. I hope that Andalusia does its advantage with it!

  2. Great news!! I believe it is awesome how the European Union are combining forces. On one hand you have Germany who is doing very well economically and on the other you have Spain who needs support. These two together will only lead to success for the area.

  3. Yes I agree. I think with the right marketing strategies Andalusia will have the opportunity to become a better economy.
    With upgrading the tourism and sport sector of Andalusia more people come to Andalusia and the economy will work better.
    Especially countries like Germany, where the economy works better, should feel adressed by the marketing strategies.

  4. Andalusia will always be attractive to tourists not only because of climate. It offers the best beaches in Europe, modern infrastructure, beautifully views, sports facilities and a wide range of cultural and entertainment events. In last year Andalusia achieved the the largest influx of tourists. Maybe with new solutions, the problem of unemployment will be smaller. This will avoid the strikes that are constantly visible.

  5. As there is still a lot of agriculture in Andalusia, tourism, as part of the tertiary sector, is a good way to diversify the economy. During the crisis and still now the more southern districts of Spain were affected most by unemployment and bad economic development. So maybe now Andalusia is just up to make the turnaround; with the nature, the beaches and friendly people living there, they have the best prerequisites.


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