Unemployment in Spain

Spain – Sun, passion, ambiente, integration and a beautiful nature, this is what Spain is known for. A favored destination for vacation, cultural exchange and once a booming country within the European Union. Many people want to at least travel once to Spain, but where do the Spaniards want to be? Many Spaniards are nowadays more and more thinking about emigrating to another country. And many do so. Their destination – Germany and France. But what is pushing them to leave such an amazing country? Computer scientists, cleaning personal, temporary workers, mechanists, simply worker from all social classes want to leave because there are low chances for good paid jobs. Furthermore, Spaniards complain about not being valued for their work. Although, many companies demand a university degree, they do not compensate their employees accordant. Every fifth Spaniard is unemployed. Regarding young people (less than 25 years), every second is unemployed. High-qualified people at least have the option to emigrate and start up something new. Since the crisis attained Spain, about three million Spaniards lost their jobs. 80 percent of them are the lower-qualified ones. Jobs are only offered for a short-term; three months is the maximum. Even though, the Spanish government is planning a new reform regarding employment contracts, the Spanish folk are not satisfied. They say the new reform is only beneficial for the enterprises but not for the working forces. But the problem on the Spanish labor market is much bigger. It all starts with the education. The younger generation is not well-prepared for the international labor market. There is a big lack of education. As Spain used to be very strong in the construction industry, students put all their focus on this sector and are now stuck with no other education and no work. Furthermore, there is a huge language barrier; many students do not speak a second language, not even English which is the first language of the world. So, what can be done? Where can they escape to?


2 thoughts on “Unemployment in Spain

  1. The more people who are registered as out of work, the more the Spanish government has to pay out in unemployment benefits. And fewer people in work means fewer people paying income tax, so less revenue for the government.

    On top of that, if people are not earning, then they spend less and that is driving Spain into recession. So the goverment should so something about the unemployment in Spain.

    And I think they should stimulate people to learn English are other language’s so they improve there chances at the labour market.


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