Youth unemployment in Europe

Hard times for young people in the EU: more than 20 percent of 15 – to 24-year-olds do not have jobs. In Spain there is now almost one of two young people unemployed – and the outlook is anything but positive…

20.5 percent of young people between 15 and 24 in the 27 States of the European Union are excluded from the labour market. They do not have a job and in many countries they also have no prospect of getting one in the foreseeable future.

Especially the situation in Spain is dramatically. With about 46 percent almost half of all young people are without work. In Greece the rate was at 38.5 percent according to the data of March. The situation in Ireland and Portugal is not even better.  About 27 percent of all young people are without work in Ireland and Portugal

In Britain, the youth unemployment rate is nearly 20 percent – virtually at the average level. The amazing fact about the data yet is that these are still around six percentage points higher than before the economic crisis in April 2008. In Spain, Greece, Latvia and Lithuania, the rate hardly gets better since the end of the global recession and is around 20 percentage points above the level from before the crisis.

In the following the data of youth unemployment is represented in percent (%)

EU-27 average            20.5

Netherlands                 7.1
Austria                         8.2
Germany                      9.1
Denmark                     12.3
Malta                          12.3
Luxembourg               13.3
Czech Republic           16.7
Belgium                      18.3
Slovenia                     18.4
Cyprus                        19.6
United Kingdom         19.6
Finland                       19.9
Estonia                       20.4
France                        22.8
Romania                    22.8
Sweden                     23.1
Poland                       23.6
Hungary                     24.8
Portugal                     26.8
Ireland                       26.9
Bulgaria                     27.3
Italy                            27.8
Latvia                         29.7
Lithuania                    32.6
Slovakia                     33.3
Greece                       38.5
Spain                          45.7

Source: Federal Statistical Office/ Eurostat from July 2011






5 thoughts on “Youth unemployment in Europe

  1. I also think that these facts and figures on youth unemployment in Europe are very shocking and cause for concern. This high unemployment among young people is also one of the result of the continuous job crisis conditions and reflects how hard youth is hit by this crisis. Young people graduating from school or finishing their apprenticeships get discouraged and many of them give up hope of finding an appropriate job (when reading these scaring statistics)! As young people are the “future” of labour markets in general, policies should do their utmost in order to not only offer youth a wider range of job opportunities and chances but also a certain security….so that they’re not so insecure and afraid of getting no job after school!

  2. Yes, situation in Europe is really bad. There are a lot of young people whose finished studies and don’t have jobs. And situation in Spain is the worst. But it is goog, that situation in Spain and others countries is getting better.

  3. A lot of this young people without work are graduates, people with education. This education unfortunately is not enought to get some job. Graduates do not have the appropriate qualifications, the learning process is not complete, without holding the necessary work experience or internships. Even when those it easy to find some place to work, an employer are reluctant to pay the cost of further professional training, pay salaries, taxes, insurance. For it has fully productive employee. What is more, young people very often have extortionate expectations for the work, they started to search job not for them.

  4. The numbers show the bad situation with which we (as students) are currently faced. One problem is that we need to have a good education in order to be able to find a job as employers ask for degrees, practical and theoratical experiences and certifications. On the other hand, after graduating it is very difficult to find an appropiate job as the unemployment rate is very high. Thus, the majority cannot find a job which is appropriate to their education or any job.

    The studend dept crisis especially visible in the USA is now the new problem which results from the above mentioned unemployment crisis. Students take loans to attend good universities or receive a good education but cannot find a job later which fits to their education or are payed less than they should normally receive. Thus, they cannot pay their loans back.


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