Düsseldorf – Trend to older employees to counter the negative effects of the demographic change

The capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, namely Düsseldorf, recognized an upward trend towards employing a higher amount of older people at its domiciled companies. In specific, this means that more people between 50 and 65 years are employed. This development can be seen as a reaction to the demographic change.

Due to the fact, that the age structure in Europe change substantially, Europe is the oldest continent.    Germany, in specific, is one of the oldest nations in the EU and even worldwide. Germany’s population is already shrinking since 1970. Therefore, in Germany it is especially necessary to react to this development, because the ongoing aging of the people, will sooner or later lead to an employee shortage. In conclusion the older people are getting more and more important on the job market to cover the needed human resources.

Also North Rhine-Westphalia documents the same trend. The population of this region is getting steadily older. In the year 2050 the percentage of people older than 60 years will be increased to nearly 40% whereby the percentage of people under 20 will decrease to about 15%.

Düsseldorf react already now to this development. Many companies in Düsseldorf try to attend special attention to the people between 50 and 65. The aim is to design work places age-based, so that older people have an incentive to stay in a company or even to apply for a job also in old age. Therefore, all working processes in the company are inspected and reviewed from the older employee target group. This process should secure the coverage of needed human resources also in the future. Moreover, the companies see the benefits of getting or keeping the well-founded knowledge of the experienced older employees, amongst other things to refer this knowledge also to the younger employees.

And this conduct works. Already from 2006 to 2011, the percentage of the employees between 50 and 65 in Düsseldorf, increased from 21% to 24%. This trend goes on. Already one third of the companies in Düsseldorf take efforts to make their operations more attractive for older employees, to counter the negative effects of the demographic change.





3 thoughts on “Düsseldorf – Trend to older employees to counter the negative effects of the demographic change

  1. The demographic development of increasing older people and decreasing younger people is an actual topic in our society. We can already feel the effects of these changes e.g. regarding the pension scheme, the health system and the private economy. In 2010, it was the first time, that more men and women left the labour market as people enter the market. This is a really big problem.
    In my opinion it is a good idea to counter the negative effects of the demographic change. As there are many people between 50 and 65 years who search for a work, why should not companies appoint them? They often have more experiences as younger people and are mostly more motivated to yield a good work. However, studies of the German automobile branch showed that older people make more mistakes but make less grave faults as young employees.
    In addition, it is a good idea to mix young and old employees, so that the young can learn from the experiences and knowledge of the older men and women.

  2. I think that the article shows in a good way how the society can provide jobs to older people who cannot find jobs currently. The demographic change is a big issue in Germany and many companies claim that they have a lack of professionals. However, there is a lack of young professionals but there is a very high number of older people who are living from the money they receive from the government and cannot find a job due to their age. These people mostly have a lot of practical experience as the majority worked for several years in one sector or in one company. Thus, older people have the advantage that their practical knowledge is higher than those of young professionals. As mentioned in the comment earlyer, it is a great idea to bring young and old together so that the advantages of both generations can be obtained and at the same time both can learn from each other. Hereby, the company cannot only decrease its number of professionals needed but it can also increase a bit its investments in additional training for young professionals as they can learn from the older ones.


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