Mild Winter Melts Unemployment Figures

In December 2011, 229.800 people were unemployed in Bavaria, which are 9.742 more than in the previous month. However, due to the mild temperatures, the increase of unemployment turned out to be less than expected.

The unemployment rate is at 3,4% and therefore only 0,1% above the figures in November. According to the local administration Bavaria, the increase is typical for this time of the year and is caused by the weather conditions like snow and ice. Compared to December 2010, the unemployment rate decreased by 14,8%. As a consequence, the number of unemployment in the free state of Bavaria is the lowest value for December since 1991.

Full Employment is Gaining Ground

50 out of 96 of Bavarian urban districts show an unemployment rate below three percent, and therefore can be considered as full employed (as per definition).Even in six regions the rate of unemployment was below two percent. Number one is Eichstätt with a number of 1,2% unemployment. Right after Eichstätt, the city Freising presents a quota of 1,7%. The bottom-placed city is Nuremberg, yet again with a value of 7,3%.

Lower Franconia and Swabia are the Forefront

With regard to the administrative districts, Lower Franconia and Swabia with an unemployment rate of each 3,1% put themselves to the front. Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate record a quota of 3,2% and as a result lose their before owned top positions. In the middle field Upper Bavaria is located with a rate of 3,3% unemployment. While 4,0% unemployed people were registered in Upper Franconia, Middle Franconia showed a number of 4,3%.
However, all Bavarian administrative districts present a lower unemployment rate than the national average of Germany.

Brickbat sfrom Unions

Despite of all positive numbers, the German Federation of Trade Unions warns against hasty pleasure, since there are about 1,2 million mini-jobber in Bavaria. Moreover, every fifth employee works in part time and furthermore, the number of agency workers has been increased by 11,5% within only one year.

Struggle with the statistics

We cannot only count the registered unemployed persons, we have to add about 125.666 persons more. In detail this means that we have to add self-employment, which is supported by a governmental foundation grant. Furthermore we also should calculate habitants who are in further education and partial retirement.
Moreover we have to consider that not everything is golden on the Bavarian labor market. It is correct that nowadays there is an increasing and huge working population, but at the same time there are as many low-paid workers, agency workers and mini-jobber as never before.
Consequently, we can definitely be proud of such good unemployment rates, but we shouldn’t forget about the unwritten numbers and should still think about a way to improve the situation for everybody on the Bavarian labor market.



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