No Jobs For Young People

Youth unemployment has remained at near record levels with more than one in five young people out of work. The simple truth is that there are not nearly enough jobs available for the many millions of out-of-work or under-worked men and women who need them.
The total number of young people not in education, employment or training is also at a record high and nearing a million. The figures show also that Wales has the highest proportion of unemployed young people, 22.5% of 16-24s. In one hand, the reason is a lot more young people have chosen to stay in education.

The youth unemployment rate has broadly been edging up by 0.2-0.4 pps per month since March of last year, which is a much slower rate than the steep rises at the beginning of 2009. In January it increased by only 0.1 pps to reach 20.9 %, up 3.2 pps on January 2009 and up 6.2 pps compared to the low of March 2008. The marked increase in the youth unemployment rate since spring 2008 has been driven mainly by a very sharp rise in the rate for young men, who account for more than two-thirds of the increase in youth unemployment since then.

The latest unemployment figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed the under-25s and women workers are bearing much of the pain in Britain’s jobs market, while average earnings continued to lag behind inflation. Economists told , that the unexpected fall in the total number of people out of work, which cut the UK’s jobless rate is from 8% to 7.8%.
For example, youth unemployment sits at 25 percent in Egypt and 15 percent in Syria; in the United States, 18 percent of people ages 16-24 are unemployed. And while that’s more of pressing problem in the Middle East, where youth make up a much larger share of the population, the question of why we’re doing so little about it remains.

Overall, young people account for one-fifth (21.3 %) of the total increase in unemployment since 2008, although youth unemployment as a share of total unemployment decreased slightly from around 25 % in 2008 to just below 24 % in January 2010.
In the long term, our education system has been slipping at preparing students for jobs with scientific, technical, and engineering prerequisites, and that needs to change.



4 thoughts on “No Jobs For Young People

  1. Wales seems to be really hit the hardest in the U.K. with an youth unemployment rate of almost 23%. Comparing to countries like Spain and Greeece where it is almost the same or even higher, the question is how can this dilemma be solved? Obvisiouly there aren´t enought jobs for all the youth. What can the government do to improve this situation and to get more people out of their unemployment? Race the level of education? Create more jobs? Subsidize unemployed? Nevertheless solutions have to be found soon to give perspective to thousands of unemployed juveniles!

  2. Yes I think also that the government has to find a possible solution to solve the problem of the high youth unemployment. The young people are the future of the economy and the motivation of these people decreases by not finding a job and do not earn money. In other countries like Germany or the Netherlands, the youth unemployment is not as high as in the U.K., Spain or Greece.

  3. As we see, the problem of unemplyed young people is global. Young people study hard at Universities, but in fact, we may say it is useless. You study, because you want ot get your dream job in the future, but after graduating from University you see the reality. No jobs, no jobs for young people, no jobs for anyone. But young people are the next generation, so how is it going to look like in the future? Something has to be done, right now!


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