Cologne: More than 50.000 unemployed- increase against the general trend in North Rhine-Westphalia

Referring to the current report of the Cologne Job Center, in March there is no spring-like development on the labor market, yet. The absolute number of unemployed has risen to 50.408 in March.
It is the first time since August 2011 that the number passed the mark of 50.000. This is an increase of 3.1 % in comparison to February 2012. But it is a seasonal development. The numbers declined by
3.9 % in comparison to March 2011. Now there is an unemployment rate of 9.7 % in Cologne, which is still more than in North Rhine-Westphalia or whole Germany.
The discrepancy between Cologne and North Rhine-Westphalia grew in March. While the numbers in the federal state are regressive, the increase in Cologne is significant. State-wide the unemployment rate is at a level of 8.2 %, national- wide even on 7.2 %. In both cases is a positive development in comparison to the month before. Only in Cologne the number is increasing, but therefore the rate of working below capacity is declining.
The rate of working below capacity is calculated by the unemployment rate plus the rate of the inactive population in the labor market. This means it pictures the whole aging working population. In the case of Cologne this number is declining (minus 6 % compared to 2011) while the unemployment rate is rising because more people are actively searching for work, now than before.
This development can mainly be traced to the restructuring process in the organization of the Cologne job center.
Furthermore the job vacancy declined more than 4 % compared to the spring 2011.
All in all, even thought the total number of people searching for jobs increased in March 2012, the Cologne job centers can look ahead optimistically. The labor market remains receptive for job seekers and Cologne can follow the positive regional and national trend.


2 thoughts on “Cologne: More than 50.000 unemployed- increase against the general trend in North Rhine-Westphalia

  1. It is a very interesting article about the job market in Cologne! I have not expected that the unemployment rate in cologne would be quite that high, because in this region are lot of employers. But nevertheless it is a good sign that more and more people are searching for work and since the work / job prospects are rising, it seems not unreachable to get a work soon. Hopefully the job situation is going to mantain the positive trend.


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