Germany, Wiesbaden: Spring recovery in the labour market

In March 2012 there were 14.488 persons unemployed in Wiesbaden, 142 less than the month before. Compared with March 2011, the unemployment rate fell for a total of 5.3%.

The beginning spring recovery shows in the Wiesbaden labour market its effects. It means especially male applicants benefit from the seasonal standard development. However, the typical tendency at this time of year trend compared to previous years turns out weaker. The decreasing dynamics at the labour market in the Wiesbaden agency district is reflected in particular in the declining access of notified jobs. Compared with the previous year, there are fewer unemployed people, however, the reduction of unemployment gradually slows down.

The following diagram shows the labour situation in March 2012 in the federal state Hessen:


Town (Federal Land Hessen) Unemployment rate      in %
Fulda     3.9
Wetzlar     5.1
Darmstadt     5.2
Hanau     5.2
Korbach     5.3
Marburg     5.5
Bad Hersfeld     5.9
Frankfurt     6.0
Limburg     6.0
Gießen     6.1
Wiesbaden     6.2
Kassel     6.8
Offenbach     7.4


Unemployment of men and woman:

In comparison to March 2011 there were 18 women less unemployed than this year. This corresponds to a decline of 0.3 %. Regarding the men there is a decline of 1.6 % (124 persons) in the same period of time.

Youth unemployment:

For the under 25 years old group, the number of unemployed fell this year in March to 45 persons or 3.1 %. Compared with previous year data youth unemployment declined by 9.9%.

Senior unemployment:

The unemployment of the group of over 50 decreased in March 2012 by 0.6 % compared to February 2012. Regarding March 2012 the unemployment increased by 0.3 %.

Foreigner unemployment:

The number of this group of unemployed compared to the previous month went back  by 1.8 %. Compared to the same month last year, a decrease of 3.4 % arises.




3 thoughts on “Germany, Wiesbaden: Spring recovery in the labour market

  1. The labour market in Wiesbaden seems to be quite stable compared to other parts of Germany where the unemployment rate is much higher. An average below 6% is therefore quite good, even it is not desirable to have an unemployment rate. Nevertheless the economies might improve in Wiesbaden as well and therefore the unemployment rate might even decline in the long run.

  2. In spring people have more possibilities to work, for example in an ice-cream parlour or an open air bath, but the negative aspect is that the unemployment rate increases once again after this season. The people who work seasonal should find a job for the other season as well. By reaching this, the unemployment rate decreases of long duration.


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