More Rights for Eastern Workers

In General, One target of the European Union is to ensure the mobility of workforce within the EU. Included in this goal is the elimination of any kinds of unequal treatment due to nationality with regard to employment, wages, working conditions and to home the foreign workers. Moreover the Union wants to ensure that the workers have the rights to get their family members to join them in the foreign country.

In March 2012, in middle of the French presidential campaign, which is shaped by discussions of foreign low-wages workers, the European commission, which is located in Brussels, presented a proposal to reform the EU guidelines for posting of workers.

The most import improvement: In the future, the main contractor and the subcontractor together have to be liable for the payment of the salaries in the European building industry. In Particular this means, if a foreign subcontractor goes in to bankruptcy or just disappears from the scene, the posted workers from this disappearing company have the right to sue the main contractor in the foreign working location for the payment of their either legally or collectively agreed salary. This system is supposed to help to fight against the cheating with regard to wages and duties.

In the picture attached you can see the employment of foreign workers from the accession countries within the EU-15-States 20091

In detail this means, about one million employees are posted to another country within the EU at this time, one out of four employees is posted to the construction area. While Poland, France and Germany are the main countries of origin, Germany, France and Belgium are the main destination countries.



3 thoughts on “More Rights for Eastern Workers

  1. I think that it is a good and fair idea to allow more rigths for Eastern workers. They generally work in hard and bad conditions and most of times they cannot say anything in front of an abuse. Sometimes we can compare their work condition to slavery and this is unacceptable in Europe. Some western people can say that these Eastern workers “steal” their jobs, but the truth is that these workers sometimes have to work in dangerous, hard and bad conditions, moreover most of the times they work where there is a lack that is to say where western people do not work.

  2. I do agree on the previous comment of handan09 because when talking about globalization and European Union all people should have the same rights. If a foreigner is doing a good job and also doing jobs which a domestic worker does not want to do why should he not be allowed to enter to a certain country?! For example in nursing professions in Germany there is a huge lack of local workers because they do not want to do these jobs. Since the German government allowed polish workers to come over and work especially in these kind of jobs some Germans now say that they are stealing their jobs. That is absolutely wrong because they feel theirselfes too good for certain jobs.


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