Netherlands: The municipal authority wants to continue their approach against youth unemployment

The municipal authority, government and social partners wanted to prevent that young people became victim of the economical crisis. During the Youth Work Summit VOP on June 29th 2009 they explored how they can offer young people a future perspective.

In 2012 the aldermen from Den Bosch and vice-chairman of the VNG-commission Youth, Bart Eigeman said:  ‘The regional approach to youth unemployment is a success. By partnering with other parties in the region, the municipal authority managed to get the youth unemployment stay low in the Netherlands’

 The municipal authority had a lot of success with the Action plan youth unemployment: 170.000 youth were placed at an employer, have internship or continuation schooling. The half of these youth belongs to the group of vulnerable youth.

Why a success?
Because of the freedom that the region had, cooperation between municipal authority and other organizations had a big boost. Through an action-oriented approach a lot of creativity came up to municipal authority, educational institutions and other stakeholders. So the regions were able to develop initiatives that connected with the needs and desires of that moment.

The municipal authority wants to continue

Due to the success of the regional approach the municipal authority wants to continue. Even though it’s expensive, long-term investments in the cooperation between all parts will pay off over several years.

Space for creativity
On the one hand, is for a good approach to youth unemployment the complicity of the government important. But one the other hand that same government should allow the region some space.
The Action plan is a good example of the creativity that arises when regions have enough space to develop their own solutions. This requires for a government that isn’t afraid to be reticent. Even though the government is involved in whatever happens.

 Stay alert
The youth unemployment in the Netherlands is low on the moment, but they have to stay alert to make sure that the youth employment stays low. Especially if you look at the current economical crisis. They have to monitor which opportunities there are for youth and they have to stay committed to them.




3 thoughts on “Netherlands: The municipal authority wants to continue their approach against youth unemployment

  1. The way the Netherlands community approach the youth unemployment is smart and might have a good effect in the long run. Preventing youth from being unemployed also gives them the chance to have a more prospective life and enhances the likelihood of an more successful entry into the labour market after they have had a proper training and education.

  2. It is very important to take this initiative. The crisis affected directly the youth. They have to face insecure jobs and it is harder for them to find a good job. Generally firms are looking for young people who are graduated and have at least 3 years of experience in France, but how can they get hired and get these 3 years of experience if all the firms ask them for it. Moreover this initiative taken in Netherlands prevent the risk of delinquency from increasing.


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