Characteristics and Ambivalence of Berlin´s Labour Market

In the German capital Berlin live 3,4 million inhabitants. It is the largest and most densely populated state and city in Germany. Nowhere else is the density of academics and scientist higher in Germany. Additionally 19.000 students graduate every year at Berlin´s universities.

Berlin attracts many companies in search for qualified employees. At the same time many high qualified employees are attracted by the various possibilities that are being offered in Berlin. The German capital is the center for service and administration. Only 9% of the business is due to manufacturing. In the main employment sector, the service sector, 235.000 people are employed. The three biggest employers are: The health care and social work sector with 172.000 people, followed by the whole sale and retail sector making up 141.000 employees. Berlin is an attractive labour market for companies for several reasons.

Berlin is an international city that is host to a total of 186 nationalities. Firms profit from the language knowledge of Berlin´s population. Statistically 87% speak at least one language, almost 2/3 of the population speaks a second language and 29% of the population even speaks a third language.

Furthermore holds Berlin a dynamic economic position as it is the capital of Berlin. Due to its cultural, political and economic possibilities many experts are attracted to come to Berlin. Companies also profit from the great university network which they can in return use for their research, for their human resource needs or to enhance their knowledge on certain fields.

Although Berlin offers great working possibilities it is the state and the city with the highest unemployment in whole Germany. 12, 8% of the population is unemployed which equals 219.000 people. Youth unemployment (from 15-25 years) is the highest as well in Berlin with nearly 20.000 youths. Since the unification of Germany the unemployment increased. The future trend is making Berlin better off so that less people are unemployed and more and more people are being employed.


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