Euro 2012 and labour market in Poland

ImageTo the first whistle of Euro 2012 in Poland remained less than 2 months. It will be one of the biggest sporting event ever in this country. The government in Poland in preparation for the Euro has decided to spend huge amounts of money to modernize stadiums, highways, airports, railway lines and railway stations. Additionally, a lot of private investors have been encouraged to create new hotels and catering facilities.

According to analysts, European Football Championship in Poland will be engine of development for some industries. Among the companies that plan to increase employment during the Euro in Poland are especially those of the tourism industry and construction. In connection with the final preparations for this event there is projected the recruitment boom in the hotel and catering industry. In addition, every hotel or restaurant will mean a next few jobs in their area – such as taxi drivers, suppliers of food products and also workplaces in security companies.

Many experts believe that at least until the June 2012 people working in construction shouldn’t complain about the lack of job as well. However, maybe after Euro 2012 construction companies will experience a rapid decrease in orders. The main reason may be the lack of new contracts carried out in connection with Euro 2012. Also skilled manual workers can count on their hands full.

The main part of employment during the time of Euro 2012 will have a seasonal character, but it also will give benefits in a long term: the new highway will need to be maintained, new hotels, restaurants and sports facilities also will need hands to work to manage and maintain.

All in all, a year ago it was estimated, too optimistically, that during and after the Euro 2012 work can be found up by 100 thousand people. Nowadays, polish Minister of Labor estimates that unemployment in Poland due to Euro 2012 may be reduced by 50-60 thousand, but  even the half of that number still is cause of satisfaction for polish people and it will be really good for unemployment in Poland.



5 thoughts on “Euro 2012 and labour market in Poland

  1. On the one hand, it is a positive aspect that the unemployment rate decreases because of the EURO 2012, but on the other hand, alle new hotels, stadiums etc. are not needed urgently after the EURO 2012. The high investions are only useful for the time during the EURO 2012, but what happens after the EURO 2012 with all the new investions? Are they still in using after the EURO 2012? And are so many employees needed as well after it?

  2. Yes Euro 2012 is a good opportunity for business in Poland, because there will have a lot of tourists from all Europe, and they will spend money in your country. So it is very good for the Polish economy. But this economic increase is short-term. But still for preparation for this championship you also need a lot of money if you want tourists to be satisfied and if you would like them to come back to Poland again.

  3. I really like these sport events which are so good for economy of particular states. They will make a lot of money from it, more people will be employed for longer or shorter time, more tourists will explore Poland and it will be more famous in the world. Although it doesn´t last for a long time I can see only positives. That is the reason why many countries battle to get these sport events because it can help so much. Erika Blazejova

  4. Euro 2012 is only a short-term boom for the Polish labor market, therefore Poland should try to be a very good host. Thus people will be attracted to the country and maybe more people will travel to Poland for example for vacation. Surely, the government has invested into the infrastructure and the construction sector, but Poland needs something unique, which makes them attractive. Nice hotels and restaurants are nothing special as they are very common in many European cities. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has the Big Ben, what makes Poland special?


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