Polish Labour Offices – changes in regulations

Labour Offices’ mission is constantly strive for improvement in the local labor market, caring for people’s attitudes, skills and qualifications development, helping in suitable employment, and let employers to attract the best employees.

Methods applied in Polish Labour Offices are really ineffective. Unemployed people are still sending for trainings, courses or public works and after all they can’t find work. Offices  are particularly concerned about unemployment registration and the issuing of certificates needed to free treatment. At one adviser falls thousands of unemployed. The average job search time we have the longest in Europe.
It is hardly surprising that employers don’t trust offices and only 10 percent entrepreneurs report vacancies to the employment agency.Other prefer to give advertisements in neewspapers, in the Internet or take someone with recommendations.

The new minister Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz announces changes:. We’ll start with the separation of people who are really looking for work, and those who register in the offices just to have health insurance.

Moreover he wants to impose efficiency standards to every Labour Office. They will have to lead to employment for a specified number of unemployed, but without indicating which group specifically. This solution will force Office to better Job, especially those in which  unemployment remains at the same level for a long time.

Unfortuantelly this solution has disadvantages because some local markets are doomed to high unemployment in their area because there are few companies. These offices will have big problem to achieve established level. Futhermore to meet the requirements imposed on Labour Offices, ratherr than activate all the unemployed they will deal only with those to whom it is easier to find a job. Of course they will reach required limits but only for people relatively young, educated and experienced.
On the one hand this efficiency standards will identify these offices with weak results and with the best results and in future this weaker offices will be merged with better working offices. On the other hand theses mergers will be also problematic because people will have much further to the new office than before. As a result, they lose more time to resolve thiers problems .Local points of information and consultation about work in some municipalities do not compensate this disadvantages caused by the possible offices  merger






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