Are you interested in position in a management field? Job interview is not enough

How to find future boss? Keep in mind that you have in the recruitment procedure properly investigated. Get ready for the hour of games andsimulations. Just do interview is not enough. The mission of the CV and an invitation for an interview is not the end. Thetenders for vacancies is no longer routinely testing. And you can report the position in a call center operator or manager or to post questions and equallytricky task not escape. It is true that the longer and more demanding, and therefore testing is expensive, the more you stand firm. “Job seekers are being tested across the positions. Perhaps only the very lowestin those it does, such as porters do not need it. And it is not common even in the highest positions, it is rather a political decision,” says psychologist ThomasBirth Assessment of the company System, whereby the length and intensity oftesting often correspond as candidates for scarce space. In contrast, for difficult positions to be filled by the recruitment of a larger work.Such candidates may have to wait and Assessment Center, which contains a number of different methods for different interview situations and solving tasks. It is a costly method, is the company and tens of thousands of crowns to one candidate. Due to psychological methods recruiters better “insight” into the thinking and behavior of candidates and make a complete picture about them. That will be tested, the candidates notified in advance. Most job seekers are faced with psychodiagnostic tests, especially their on-lineform. Each of the candidates gets the password and the computer fills in the various tasks. The results of the HR immediately – his program is evaluatedimmediately. The most common measure of intelligence, analytical thinking,identify priorities and rapid response capability. Candidates may also findnumerologickými or graphological tests. In assessment centers, which means an assessment center, people are tested, which the company has a serious interest. In recent years, demand for so-calledindividual assessment center. “Testing is the only candidate and the intention is to assess his competence. Completed tests, questionnaires, undergo a personal interview and solve case studies,” said David Peter of Hill International. If a company takes on more people in junior positions, organize groupassessment center. It verifies the communication, presentation, social and vocational skills kanditátů, working together on a given task. May include a game in which everyone gets the role of evaluators and then seeing how ithandles.


Source: & Katerina Hovorkova


5 thoughts on “Are you interested in position in a management field? Job interview is not enough

  1. Nice article,I really agree with this not only because of the idea how important in job interciew are games and simulations but i also agree with the idea,that long and expensive interview and training can help you find really good employee or manager..And also important is to make sure if person who wants to be a manager is really responsible to be a manager and have properties which a good manager need to have such as to be a good leader of the work team..

  2. I also agree that a solid test of job candidates is highly reasonable. Application documents do never tell everything about the candidates and are naturally mostly very subjective. It is often the case that people with good grades are invited to job interviews, but to be good at theoretical knowledge does not mean that a person is also automatically good in practical tasks and the other way around. So the personal proof is essential to get a real impression about a possible future employee.

    Furthermore, I also think that it is good to test the candidates in various situations as well as letting them rise to challenges. Especially in management positions various skills are needed to be able to handle the different tasks of a manager including practical as well as theoretical tasks. Whether a candidate owns these skills or not can often just be proved by observing the candidate personally at work situations, to see if he/she implicates the needed skills, like the ability to work in a team or to act in such a way that esteem towards him/her arises. Therefore, situations like an assessments centre, where typical job situation are simulated, are very suitable to test the candidates whether they are suitable for the job or not.

    Especially in present-days, where the application for a job gets always easier, faster and cheaper due to advanced communication possibilities, especially due to the internet, many people apply to a wide range of job adverts to higher their chances to get a job, without really looking for the requirements the companies declare in the adverts. So the companies are often facing a flood of applications, which are partly even complete unsuitable, which lead to the need of strict sorting out of unsuitable candidates. Because of the high wages in good positions it is clearly comprehensible that the companies aim to assign the vacancy as ideal as possible. So in conclusion, also when high costs arise due to the complex testing procedures of job candidates, this costs are normally more than amortized when the job is given to the perfectly suitable person based on a complex testing procedure, due to his/her labor input and by avoiding further replacement needs, which could arise due to insufficient selections.

  3. I also have to agree with the fact that it is very good that candidates for a job get tested in more ways then just sending there application formulas and trough a interview. A candidates CV can lie and when it comes to positions such as managers some social skills may sometimes be of more value then the grade they have. In these kind of fields of jobs I think it is very important to get the right person for the job. And the process of looking for a job is a very demanding one, as a candidate you have to be alert at all times, and as the situation in a lot of cases goes towards less jobs on the market it gets even harder to even make it to a job interview as a job seeker. And in my opinion a lot of these tests you have to go trough and all the demands put on you for even applying for a job are sometimes unnecessary for the job position it selves. It sometimes seems like they are made up for the reason to make the search precess easier for the company, and to simplify the selection of candidates to move forward in the recruitment precess.

  4. Assessment Centers are a good way of testing candidates but still I think it doesn’t reveal the real capacity of the candidate. Some are good in quick and complex thinking, others are good in analysing and controlling. But still those assesment centers for example do no evaluate how efficient and concentrated someone can work on a log-term. It rather test how people are able to deal with short-time stress and competition. Furthermore, Assessment Centers do not enable to find out about the social behavior of a person, which is also very important for the working atmosphere within a company.


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