Düsseldorf: The actual economic situation

In Düsseldorf, many new projects take place at the moment. For example, the “Kö-Bogen” is a great new project. It is built in the center of the city. Because of this building work, many shops are not as easily to reach as before. These many building works in Düsseldorf let someone think that the economy is affected negatively by them. But the economic boom in Düsseldorf still goes on. In comparison with the long-term average the situation is extraordinarily good for Düsseldorf. The economic situation in Düsseldorf is better than in the most other regions of Germany. In a survey of “Creditform” the companies of Düsseldorf were interviewed and according to this survey, 93% would recommend the north of Düsseldorf as a location for companies. 69% of the asked companies said that the many building works do not have any negative economic impacts and even 51% have plans for investment for the year 2012.




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