Homeless can earn in Ukraine up to four times more than workers

“Work” as a homeless is in Ukraine really good job.Showed an experiment in which the journalist dressed as a homeless earn for about half an hour elicited a sum which ordinary Ukrainian worker earn four hours of work.
This experiment  informed journalists on its Web site TSN television with the fact that during the transition to a full month would homeless monthly earnings amounted to about 10 thousand pounds, which is the equivalent of 23,600 crowns. The ordinary Ukrainian earns a month while 2,700 pounds, or around 6,370 CZK.
Journalist tested the generosity of the population of Ukraine’s second largest city in the metro, where two routes intersect and where the time goes through a huge rush of people. Nor apparently did not change into tattered rags. The role of a homeless he is enough to hang around in the underground corridors of the metro with crutches.
A simple prop to him was enough to make him a cup half an hour thirty pounds landed, about seventy crowns.
During the eight hours ‘working time’, when the journalist was a beggar with outstretched hands pleading with him from his post in the subway trying to blow three times. Twice it was a subway guards, one militiaman came to him.
Television TSN says that the harder it is to beg at temples. From there, people reliant on the generosity of other rigorous security guard drives, also faces competition. For consideration, but apparently can be arranged.


Source: www.idnes.cz


4 thoughts on “Homeless can earn in Ukraine up to four times more than workers

  1. This is really funny. It is amazing that in nowadays society it is for some people better to be beggars than to find a proper job. In what kind of world are we living in? It is hilarious, that people actually should not try to find a job. Why would they? If the wages are so low and it is much better to beg. You dont have to work at all, and you may get more money than a person who begs.

    Katarína Hurkalová

  2. In my opinion, this appearance is really depressing – well it is kind of contrary. One the one hand, we should try to earn our money as a faithfully citizen and work as “regular” people do. This does not only have something to do with the best situation for the person himself, but it has also something to do with the state we are living in. Imagine, if already 30% of Ukraine’s citizens would not work and just beg on the streets – who would pay any taxes? Where would the state get money from? Who would pay for building a metro? Who would pay the police? Unfortunately it is not working that way. People should work and therefore should support the state they are living in. As a result they can use the metro, they can use the street and they can live safely in their homes. Of course, on the other hand, it is great for homeless people, that they can earn money in this way, but it is just one way, if no other way works anymore. To consider the unemployment situation, mostly unemployed people earn much more money from the state (unemployment assistance) than those, who go to work, every day and are in the unlucky situation that they earn even less money. To conclude, it is really important that the Ukraine is trying to balance the situation between unemployed citizens and hardly working citizen, who may be even earning below minimum wage. But personally, I would consider this not only as a problem for Ukraine, but also for the entire globe.

  3. this is really sad article cause i think there is no motivation for unemployed people in Ukraine to find a job when they can earn more money from begging..I think their goverment shoud or HAVE to solve this problem!!!


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