People over fifty have great opportunities in technical fields

People over fifty years of age on the labor market risk group. Difficult to find a joband companies often underestimate their abilities.A great chance to exercise, however, these job seekers are in technical fields, especially in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and manufacturing.Employers in these fields because of the skilled workers they need. Older job-seekers in engineering and related industries, moreover, need not fearcompetition from younger people who do not have a great interest in technical fields. Fifties can support their position especially strong technical erudition andyears of experience that is no substitute for school. Their great advantage is also a loyalty to the employer. Among the advantages of older workers are more personal maturity, insight andstability – the qualities that young people usually lack, but they are in great demand among employers. Firms can thus build on this generation of its development plans in the next five to ten years. In the fifties employability issues play an important role demographic factors.Young people not only have low interest in engineering, but in the general population they also constantly decreasing. The largest group will soon becomejust people aged 50 to 64 years old, whose jobs are now is only about 47 percent. Employers will have to sooner or later to respond to this demographic trendtowards greater friendliness padesátníkům and older people. And not onlysupport their employability, but also through special training programs that teachworkers operate machines and other modern technology. On the other hand, not by things, even when they are active job seekers. They can use such as retraining programs if they lack experience in a technical field but are interested to work there.

Source:, Neumann & Partners


5 thoughts on “People over fifty have great opportunities in technical fields

  1. In my opinion I think this is a negative trend. Eventhough the older generation might be more mature, I think that the younge generation is stronger and faster in learning. Technologies are changing day by day. The elder generation is not as up to date as today’s youth. So, instead of criticizing younger people, I think companies should make jobs more interesting for them. Furthermore, young people have a longer workinglife in front of them than those who are already 50 or 55.So, what are they going to do when the elder ones are going into pension?

  2. I also think that the younger generation can learn new things better and faster than the older generation. Especially at the moment, where the youth unemployment is very high, the companies should be interested in employing the younger generation. If all companies think in such a way, the youth unemployment increases more and more.

  3. On the one hand is very good so workers over fifty have great opportunities in technical fields, can use treir experience, knowledge and skill to think up new things or solve some problems. Unfortunately on the other hand for them is more difficult to follow technology trends and news. Mostly they are olg generation which don’t like so much new things in so short time. Young people don’t have so big knowledge and of course experience, but young workers are creative, they know technology and they can lern new things very quickly. Maybe good solutions for this situation will be old and young people working together.

  4. The contents of this post is absolutely correct. While I had to work in the Department of Research and Development at the Olympus Group, I always noticed that especialy senior engineers had a high demand and were very popular because of their experience and sensitivity in the company . Even employees who have been part of our team for several years have repeatedly sought advice and opinion of the “old”.
    So I can not understand why there are so many companies that do not appreciate these aspects, as these are, in my opinion as well in many other industries of great importance.


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