4 mistakes which can get you out of job

Do not give away a protected business information, shopping on the Internet Manage doma.v office does not lie on the table. That’s a few things that employers simply do not tolerate. And the young people first entering the work would have to know about them.

Companies have since January thanks to modify the Labor Code freer hand for dismissal problematic employees. Photo illustration
“In some transgressions and even threatened dismissal,” said Ondrej Hlavacek, director of consulting company Neumann & Partners and a specialist on the issue of human resources.
Carrying out private business information
For plots established and unfair behavior is a clear canopy. If you are attracted by the vision of personal gain and think that maybe sensitive corporate data could throw competition, immediately repudiate such ideas.

Sooner or later, to such behavior as it comes and the whole thing can get to court. That is a serious harm to the interests of the company for which they also face heavy fines. The employee should be aware that if the new company will bring their confidential information will not be long in the sun. The new employer uses the information at the earliest possible opportunity to get rid of him – not because the team want to have a “traitor”.
In Microsoft’s most wanted and most valuable information on the data of large companies, which can be exploited for illegal trading. The attackers but also stands on the results of corporate research and development or for information on upcoming products and acquisitions.
Most attacks facing companies in aerospace & defense, electronics, industry or consultancy. Most of the company’s data “plotted” via e-mail or flash drive.


During disease and inability to work do not leave home
If you end up at home with the flu, rather stay in bed and just go for a walk in the doctor appointed time. Since this year is significantly more stringent penalties for breach of the treatment regime.
In the event that your home inspector or employer repeatedly found, you can even lose their jobs. Total time walk can be a maximum of six hours a day and can only take place between 7 and 19 hour. Specific period of time determined by the physician and, the walks may be granted only to the extent that matches the patient’s medical condition and not to interfere with established treatment regimens.
And something else. Make sure you place of residence at the time the disease is labeled with the name and functional bell to your controller without any problems found. Otherwise you risk a fine of up to 20 thousand.
Surfing the Internet during working hours
Is a delicate issue recently, employees surfing the Internet during working hours. The Labour Code does not regulate these activities explicitly, but it can be pretty swell. Maybe because you are taking without consent of personal computing, telecommunications equipment and other work equipment, which it solves the Labour Code. Search vacation or on-line shopping would prefer to leave the home.
It should be taken into account that the employer can control the special programs of the time you spend surfing or playing computer games. And he pulls out a list of Web sites you visit. The punishment for this behavior then decides superior – it depends on how he likes and what you stand for the results.
Can you give verbal warning or reduce fees.
Working offenses and lax approach to work
The economic crisis has taught employees appreciate the work. Although still find sinners who need to repeatedly come late, drink alcohol in the workplace and failed to fulfill duties as they should. Such a work ethic is definitely neinspirujte, so if you do not end up on the street.
Companies have since January thanks to modify the Labor Code freer hand for dismissal problematic employees. It’s does not have to notify in writing to remedy the deficiencies and give them time to correct. Directly threatened with dismissal, and even if it does not work, so just say goodbye to them.

Source: www.pravda.sk


6 thoughts on “4 mistakes which can get you out of job

  1. I think there should be more trust between employee and employer. In my opinion it is okay if an employee surfs in the internet during his work. I mean as long as employees deliver good results everything is fine, isn’t it? Of course if the performance suffers because of doing other things the employer should react. But i think that it is important not to be focussed on work during the whole 8 hours. Your job is still part of your life and being relaxed through doing other things for short periods makes you work better. Especially if you have a job in which your creativity is needed, short breaks are necessary.
    If the whole relationship between employee and employer would be more relaxed, every party would be more satisfied. So in conclusion being strict with employees is not the best solution.

  2. Yes, you are totally right! I absolutely agree with you. Private information – the word private is not there by mistake! I guess it should be in contracts between employees and employers thats it forbidden to talk corp business outside the company. And punish it hard! Pretending to be sick? That is sick! I hate people who are pretend to be sick to get out of job. These people should be fired immediately! And web surfing during their working hours? Hello people, you are working! Surfing is home activity, not a working activity! So deal with your facebook, e-shopping or reding at home! And if you wanna be lazy, be lazy but don’t get a job.

  3. The article is intresting and I found it even funny. You write about things which everyone should know, but still it happens that people dont know and they do those 4 mistakes you mention in your article. I found it funny, because those 4 mistakes are really hilarious. By mens, that you can make one silly mistake – for example leaving your home when you are sick, or searching for holiday on the computer when you are at work). TFunny thing is also that you do not have to necessarilly loose your job, but you will be sanctioned and will have to pay not small amount of money just because you did not stay in your bed at a particular time.

    Katarina Hurkalova

  4. I think that it is clear that company information shouldn’t be shared wwith third parties, at least it should be. This is something people shouldn’t be told! Also going out and “enjoying” oneself when you are prescribed to stay at home or pretend to be ill and then get cought by one of the company is in my opinioon really stupid. Furthermore, I also think that you work is work and not the place where you deal or solve your private business. Surfing in the internet for fun can be done during the lunch. But if for example an urgent message has to be sent or an urgent phone call needs to be done, it is fine as long as it doesn’t happen on a regular base.

  5. But also when you don’t do this things you can lose your job. For example economic reasons, they have to reorganise the company. Also personal grounds is possible. When you are regular sick, dysfunction, conflict with employer or conscientious objections. Or when the company is bankrupt. But some employees really do these things and you can prevent this by education of the employee of the rules. The company in general doesn’t want to control like a police agent. But they have to do with the law.


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