Do not avoid the company parties, they improve communication between employees

Informal events for employees is enough money. Some companies even as itspends hundreds of thousands of crowns. Investment return, employers are rich.However, if employees come to the Christmas party. In terms of personnel such meetings are an important part of internal communication that develops corporate culture. And they are a good investment. Employees know better, which may be reflected in their subsequent cooperation.Also increases the affection or loyalty to the employer. Now the party can meetwith colleagues from other departments and even podebatovat informally withcompany bosses about the situation in the workplace and give interestingsuggestions for changes. For the employer, corporate party is holding an investment that returns in the increased motivation of employees. And how many are coming? Prices forChristmas corporate events as well as creep million. It depends on the size of the company. The average counts from 15 to 40 € per person for catering. He stillpays a significant item in the accompanying program, or for the music,sometimes it will increase the rental space. On the corporate Christmas party while walking just like 16 percent of employees. This surprising result emerged from a survey conducted by the STEM / MARK to be interviewed in the fall of several hundred employees in theCzech Republic. Almost a third of workers said that the party goes to the company, only to have itwhen the mood. And this despite the fact that employers are trying to invent a variety of entertainment programs to its employees to entice action. Companies are ordered such as a sommelier, barman show, someone will invite chefs to prepare exotic dishes, tradition is karaoke, magicians and entertainersperformances, as well as digital projection and laser show. This year is trendalso holding parties on liners.


6 thoughts on “Do not avoid the company parties, they improve communication between employees

  1. In my opinion it is very important to do activities within the company. It is good to get to know each other also employees of other departments. I mean all employees of a company are 1 team and through special events it is possible to promote the teamspirit. It is a pity that not all employees attend to events sponsored by the company because through this relationships not only between employees but also between employees and employer can be improved. Employees should also value the effort which is necessary to organize an event. Additionally, mission and vision of the company can be transmitted. So Staff events are not the just magic word for a modern employee communication, but also a psychologically, sociologically and economically important component for the livelihoods of large companies in the future – by motivated, flexible, be engaging and for the purposes of the company’s thinking and acting employees.

  2. For a good company it is necessary to do some activities with the employees. It is very important for the teamspirit and for the motivation of the employees. If you have a great job, but do not get on with your workmates, the atmosphere is very tough. The activities within the company, for example christmas events, improve the employee attitude very much.

  3. This is very interesting aricle and so many emloyers do not realize or they just haven´t realized yet how important these company parties are. Many multinational companies do these teambuildings regularly and pay a lot of many for it. But they know that these money will come back to them very soon. In my view a successfull boss should be also good manipulor who can get the people on his side and to make friends easily, or at least to be admired by them. Then the emplyees want to be as successful as he is and they follow his steps. Moreover, the emplyees are absolutely relaxed and when they come back to work thay are enthusiastic and powerful. Erika Blazejova

  4. Once again, I must agree with the article, that the “parties” are important. Parties at work, arranged by the employers, bring all the employees together. Employees do enjoy such parties, because they meet with all colleagues and they can meet with other people. Also, in such a parties, employees get the feeling that they are wanted and that the employer is interested in them. All employers should be aware of that if they want their people; working team to like their job.

    Katarína Hurkalová

    • Despite the dislike-or-hating spirit people should really attend those parties. Or at least make an effort to go there. Anytime there is possibility to make a deal with their boss. But my opinion. Office parties are not for fun but for work future.


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