In the management of large firms falls on twelve men only one woman

The statutory bodies of hundreds of the largest Czech companies active women are represented only a mere 7.6 percent. Diameter of the European Union, whiletwelve percent. According to the European Commission are such figureswoefully low. Therefore, the European Commission plans to discuss regulatory measures that could restructure the management of companies listed on stock exchanges, in aratio of about two men to one woman. “Some European countries have begun to adopt legislative measures that will open the way for women to the highest statutory body. In Norway, the quota is 40 percent of women in leadership any longer, now it introduced in France, where it must be met by 2016,” says Jan Spáčil the Deloitte Center for Corporate Governance, which statistics about the low numbers of women in publishedstatutory bodies. Czech Republic has no quotas not ready, the company is refusing to politiciansand pressuring them. But there is a project of the British Chamber of CommerceEquilibrium – mentoring talented women whose aim is to guide managersselected by the top management of companies. “10 to 20 selected women who have a desire to move their careers forward, toget himself free for a year about the so-called mentors, is already a successfulmanager or managers who will motivate, advise them and help realize theircareer goals,” Peter says Janíčková, executive director of the British chamber of Commerce. Last year’s first edition was in Janíčková very successful and talented women inall their careers advanced. “Three of the fifteen women have moved to workoutside the Czech Republic, three of them set up their own business, two otherpreviously returned from maternity leave back to work motivated and others rosein the hierarchy of their companies,” says Peter Janíčková and adds: “Withproject, the women realized a career where you are going, and how does onereconcile family and work. ”



3 thoughts on “In the management of large firms falls on twelve men only one woman

  1. In the global labour market, every second woman is inferior. In the last year, more than 1.2 billion women were employed, although only half of them were working under humane working conditions. This reflects a survey from the International Labour Organization. “Humane working conditions” means an sufficient amount of salary, social protection, the right to a say in a matter respectively a voice at work and following the working norms. According to that, 1.2 billion employed women reflect an increase of 18 percent during the last 10 years. Simultaneously the number of unemployed women also increased from around 70 million up to around 82 million. That relates to an unemployment rate of 6.4 percent of women compared to 5.7 percent of men. The survey of the International Labour Organization (ILO) also shows that more and more women have to work in sectors with lower productivity and therefore they receive lower salaries. In average women earn approximately 16 percent less than men do. Furthermore the economical risk of women is also said to be higher, while their social protection and their rights as an employee are lower.

  2. I do not understand why the unemployment rate of women is higher than the unemployment rate of men. In times where women should be on a par with men, it is incomprehensible for me that women earn less money than men and the unemployment rate is also higher. From my point of view this has to be improved as soon as possible.


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