Top 10 jobs in 2012

Thinking what job for you the best possible option? And who has the best job prospects for this year? Inspired by the TOP 10 jobs, which created the site, The Wall Street Journal, referring to the work site Portal CareerCast annually evaluates job, based on data from labor offices and other statistical records. Profession measured by the five criteria: physical demands, work environment, wages, work stress and the development of the sector.

Top 10 of 2012 EMPLOYMENT

1.Software engineer

2. insurance agent

3.HR Manager

4. dental hygienist

5.Financial Advisor


7. therapist

8.Manager online advertising

9.Computer Systems Analyst

10. mathematician

Compared to 2011, was not only a shift between the rails, but also a shift in total jobs.

Top 10 of 2011 EMPLOYMENT

1. Software engineer

2. mathematician agent

4. Statistician

5.Computer Systems Analyst




9.audiologist hygienist




7 thoughts on “Top 10 jobs in 2012

  1. Oh, it’s a huge difference between 2011 and 2012 although I see that everyone wants engineers or just IT guys 🙂 I agree with the 2012 positions number 1, 3 or 4. But why is Insurance Agent hot this year? I don’t get this job! Selling insurance on the streets? How you can get insurance on the street? That’s crazy!

  2. The most surprising for me is the Insurance agent. My opinion about the insurance agents is not vey pleasant. I do not believe that this job can be on 2nd or 3rd place. I see the insurance agents as an annoying people, who try to sell their “products” which you dont need. Everyone already has some kind of insurance and the insurance agents trying to get you to some other company. I do not believe that they earn so much money.

  3. Yes I asked myself the same. I also do not understand why an insurance agent is number 2 of the top 10 jobs. From my point of view, I think that more and more people searching in the internet for insurances and therefore I thought that an insurance agent is not as necessary as before a few years.

  4. This list seems really interesting, especially I could see a shift of importance of different sectors. First of all, if I think of the financial crisis 2011, it is remarkable that in 2012 the Financial Advisor is on position five, while it has not even been listed in 2011. This incident is a proof of people being worried about their money after the financial crisis during the previous year. Also this financial influence might have caused to push the insurance agent up to position 2 in 2012. For me it is just another result of the financial crisis, since it might be, that people feel a little hopeless and helpless and get a better feeling by getting better insurances in order to be safe in a lot of fields. An additional important aspect is the HR Manager, who also does not appear in the list of 2011, but pops out on position three within only one year. In my point of view this appearance results from companies focusing more and more on their employees and the working climate. The HR managers are important to find the perfect match for the company and also to create a nice working climate and to solve problems between the company and the employee. To sum up, for me, the financial crisis caused the shift of the above mentioned jobs from 2011 to 2012.

  5. I think it is also interesting to have a look at the Worst Jobs List 2012 in contrast to the article. This list bases on physical labor, declining job opportunities, a poor work environment and high stress. These attributes are all among the jobs on this list.

    Top 10 Worst Jobs 2012

    1. Lumberjack
    2. Dairy Farmer
    3. Enlisted Military Soldier
    4. Oil Rig Worker
    5. Newspaper Reporter
    6. Waiter/Waitress
    7. Meter Reader
    8. Dishwasher
    9. Butcher
    10. Broadcaster

    I was very surprised that Newspaper Reporter and Broadcaster made it on this list. Probably the need for print newspapers and daily newscasts is diminishing due to digital information services. That’s the reason why there are declining job opportunities.

  6. mirjamsewoester-nice comment-really interesting..But i dont think that waitress or diswasher is so wrong jobs..everybody need to start from some position and a lot of young people work as waitress or dishosher to make some pocket money..


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