Why are men more affected by labour market downturns? Autlook for Slovenia

The recent recession has impacted workers in most industries but men are taking a much bigger hit than women, most jobs lost men employed in manufacturing and construction. For them are typically prone to changes in economic conditions and employ a high proportion of men. Between the December 2007  80 percent of these jobs were held by men.   Most men that have lost their jobs have kept looking for a new job some have decided to leave the labor force, particularly younger and older men. Younger men leaving the workforce to take up study while older man deciding to retire. While most women have chosen to stay in the labor market. Older women and women in their late thirties have the largest increases in participation.

Seasonally adjusted male employment by industry September 2009 quarter

Seasonally adjusted labour force participation rate by gender, Sep 1987- Sep 2009

Outlook for the Slovenian labour market

The outlook for the Slovenian economy has improved compared to one months ago. In February 2012 the registered unemployment rate in Slovenia went down by 0.1 of a percentage point, reaching 12.4%. The number of person in employment increased by 450 persons in February 2012 compared to the previous month. Gender analysis showed that the number of women in employment rose by approximately 800, while the number of men in employment declined by around 350. The slight decrease in the unemployment rate was mostly due to the increase in the number of women in employment, while at the same time the number of registered unemployed women went down. The unemployment rate was 12.8% for women and 12.1% for men. Among all of the registered unemployed persons the share of men still remained higher; it was 53.5%.

The registered unemployment rate by sex, Slovenia, January 2008 – February 2012

The level of men’s employment is expected to be only gradual in the short term due to weakness in sectors such as manufacturing and construction. Employment relating to the manufacturing sector is expected to improve when both the domestic and global economies pick up, however it will continue to face challenges.





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