Switzerland wants to impose restrictions for immigrant quotas


As we know, that now each country is facing with different kind of issues, one of the main problem in several countries is migration. For some countries probably is good, but for others it’s disaster.  As from latest new,  one country has showed dissatisfaction with migration, because it influence negative their economy.  This country is Switzerland, whose government has decided to reintroduce quantitative restrictions for immigrants that  are from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia — the so-called “A8” nations which joined the EU in 2004 — may all be subject to a quota of 2,000 permits ( before that was 6,000 granted permits) starting in May when they apply for residency permits needed to work more than a year in Switzerland.


Against the rules?

            On the one hand, EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton criticised the decision, saying the country’s agreement with the EU did not allow it to pick and choose specific countries to restrict migrant permits for. Also Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, is certaint that Switzerland’s decision would “discriminate” against eight EU member nations and in despite of Switzerland is the EU’s third largest trading partner, there are no clear legal or economic justifications for such a decision against eight EU member states
On the other hand, Swiss government says as many as 1.1 million EU citizens are living in Switzerland, which has a population of about 7.9 million. The country is not an EU member state. Relations between Switzerland and the EU are framed by a series of bilateral treaties

In my opinion, despite of I’m latvian, Swiss is NOT a country belonging to any EU or Schengen grouping. Switzerland has been known and proud to be independent and free. If there are too many foreigners, the swiss does have the freedom and should have the rights to impose these restrictions. Of course,I don’t agree with this quota number (from 2,000 to 6000 thousand) it could be more less. Anyway, Switzerland remains one of the most popular countries in the world and Europe zone for foreigners seeking a fortune and seeking a peaceful life. I am certain this action does not decreased that status, but infact reinforces its exclusivity.

Despite all that, it is a political decision, to simulate the operation. Swiss agreement with the EU states about quotas of workers to EU-8 countries may have restrictions only until May 31, 2014, after then they should cancel all restrictions anyway.





4 thoughts on “Switzerland wants to impose restrictions for immigrant quotas

  1. This issue interests and concerns me at the same time because I am from Slovakia. I fully understand the opinion and conditions of Switzerland. Their economic situation is very well, it´s neutral state which doesn´t need anybode else, not even EU. They want to protect their economy and cultural identity. They had even no obligation to accept Schengen and maybe that is what they regret now.
    It seems to me that all Europe pretends to be multicultural and foreigners friendly but it is not true at all. It is all about citizens of countries and most of them do not like foreigners because they think that foreigners are going to steal their job. However, I consider the number of immigrants from EU in Switzerland to be really high.
    I hope that they find the best solution and they won´t restricts the numbers of immigrants too much and also they will be able to maintain their economic situation and cultural identity. Erika Blazejova

  2. As far as I know, Switzerland is a very wealthy and independent state and I think they are really proud of it. However, impose the immigrant quotas is really brave. On the one hand, I can definitely understand that they are worried to lose the country’s identity by having so many immigrants and still, more are coming. But on the other hand, is it acceptable to define immigrant quotas? Is it possible to do such things in a globalized world? Therefore I find it really interesting what will happen in this case. Definitely the huge surge of immigrant workers will change the reputation and also the labor market of this small state. Furthermore it is a really big cut from 6000 permits to 2000 permits for A8 nation immigrants. In my opinion, a smaller cut, like 10 percent or something similar would also be a good beginning for the new regulation and then the government could see how the immigration situation develops and could decide what the next would be.

  3. Of course, we can talk that there has breached a free movement agreement between Switzerland and the EU, but I think it is a positive.
    A large number of immigrants increase competition in the labour market, as a result there can decrease level of wages. Beside immigrants bring up their culture, behaviour styles, traditions that may affect the local culture, their traditions.
    Switzerland does not preclude the entry of immigrants but limits it. With this government may promote entry of skilled labour.


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