Unemployment in Slovakia is a serious issue throughout the whole society. Currently, the unemployment rate is around 9.4%. Although it seems to us that the number is relatively low, Slovakia has the second highest unemployment rate in the European Union. The worse it is said to be in  Poland, where the unemployment rate was 12.8%. Unemployment rate of other member countries is to be below 8.7%. The average seasonally adjusted unemployment rate across the EU in December reached 7.6% according to Eurostat. The lowest registered unemployment rate has Denmark, and 3.2%, followed by the Netherlands with 3.6% unemployment rate. The third lowest unemployment rate is in Estonia which shows 4.3%. After Poland and Slovakia which are registered with a high rate of unemployment are followed by Greece with 8.7%.

One of the most serious risks of long-term unemployment is a change in lifestyle. With long-term unemployed the person gradually loses his basic work habits and the person creates a new, alternative stereotypes. The longer unemployment lasts, the harder it will be to find the courage and motivation to change the newly created lifestyle. The perosn then  creates all kinds of reasons why not to get a job again and it serves to him as a defense against his own insecurity and fear of failure. Mares, 1996 says that the longer person stays at home without the job, the harder it gets to get a psychical power to get another job.

The actual employment is an important source of social contacts, the loss of that employment leads to disruption of social contacts. Social isolation of unemployment should be seen primarily as the isolation from the employed population.

Unemployment is nowadays a very serious problem. People often leave Slovakia to work in other countries of the world because we have no chance of finding a suitable job. Unemployment abroad is much smaller in terms of population than in Slovakia. Unemployment has a major impact on the mental and personal development. If one does not find more satisfying work, the person sinks into depression and thinks of himself  as of stupid. Therefore, disrupt family relations, the circle of friends, one quite often fall into alcoholism.





Katarína Hurkalová

2 thoughts on “UNEMPLOYMENT (Slovakia)

  1. Unemplyment in Slovakia is really alarming. It is very sad to know that we have more unemplyed people than in Greece if we consider unfavourable economic situation of Greece and in spite of that Slovakia has higher unemplyment rate. I don´t think that Slovak people are lazy, I think the opposite is true. But many people realize that they rather choose to be unemplyed and to get almost the same money from their dole than to work. However, many of them they work abroad illegally. And it is not because they are lazy or ungrateful for job in Slovakia. The only possible solution is to create more job oppurtunities and to invite more multinational corporations. Slovaks are very educated and they realize their qualities therefore they wait for appropriate job offers.


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