unusual- interesting jobs

Builder underground tomb

This job’s been in the labor market only for 1 year . The builder of underground tombs can be any one person at the accredited test and successfully handle the final resting place will build a so-called “turnkey”. The work of such builder begins discussions with the survivors, continues to choose the right place at the cemetery and ends vybetonováním wreaths. The basic requirement is to obtain partial qualifications prior gravedigger. This suggests that the applicant already has something in the field behind. Moreover, it must manage práce.V stone tombs present a number of very poorly constructed and their main problem is that they do not correct rotting human remains. The tomb is not only a concrete-lined hole in the ground. Such a structure must have a static calculation, must be secured ventilation, accurate dimensions. It is important to be able to re-enter the tomb, the goal is to drive a new qualification from the cemetery and let this DIY work to trained professionals. It is planned that the qualifications of an underground tomb builders were also included in the planned new high school apprenticeship administrator burial.
The projectionist
Before the film projectionist had to strip 35 mm wide at the first přemotat coil. Today nothing drunk. Instead of using traditional reel projectors in the projection booth is 4K projectors, which are projected movies in digital form. The projectionist comes to work, check whether it is ready to run the film projector, and when the audience arrives, just press the button. For small cinema projectionist has to look after the running of the cinema, turn on the heater, lights, open the screening room and close it again. Once the film is running, it monitors the projector along with the audience, sometimes of the Hall. The projectionist just basic education, promítačský user license and knowledge of computers. Everything else on the site Douce colleagues. Many projectors have this profession as a second job.
Arborist mainly cares for trees that grow outside the forest. The name of this profession in the Czech Republic has existed since 1996. They took him in English, here is the profession had no name. Arborist assesses, in what is a tree condition and what care needs to last as long as possible, pruning branches or pokácí him and then lands a new one. Special-arborist specializes stromolezec. Often working at heights, the risk that the wound is substantial. Yet the profession is in great demand. Competition in the industry is now big enough. Growing number of people who are studying Arboriculture. Arboris work to order, their services are used by preservationists, landscape architects and private owners.
 Tunnel maker
When you say tunneling, only a few people at first think of a man who lead the tunnels, corridors, underground tunnels and it is still pretty strengthens steel, wooden or other supports. Sometimes it is so independent that he even had some help and explosives at the end of the excavated rock loaded and drive.

Piercing macros or piercer
So here it is quite clear – applies earrings and many other decorations anywhere in the skin: the eyebrows, nose, belly button, those options is a lot. People who live in this profession, are usually secondary education with a certificate in the field of medicine or cosmetics. The wage statistics of their monthly income does not appear, depending on their skill and number of customers.

Ensures operation of bank safes and vaults. Even served daily reports of how much of the issued and how many safes on the contrary increased valuables and what stocks are. It has, of course, in the custody of keys and their duplicates. Who wants to be Gatekeeper, he should graduate from high school in the field of finance and banking, and end her graduation.
Acid-test examiner

Acid-test examiner verified the authenticity of the precious metals, of course, the touchstone, which is actually a rock lydites. Quality and authenticity of the metals is assessed and the tracks which will leave on this stone. Acid-test examiner also conducts special analyzes of materials that contain precious metals. It is not easy work, it must be a person knowledgeable in the languages of expertise. They may represent the Assay Office in negotiations abroad. He wants to have a high school in the field of analytical chemistry.


Source: www.pravda.sk

4 thoughts on “unusual- interesting jobs

  1. This list of unusual occupations is very interesting. It might very good inspiration for unemployed or creative people who are looking for something special. These jobs are unusual and quite new so it could be very good opportunity for setting up of a new business. these jobs also reguire various skills and degrees. It is surely the way how to make economy more interesting. Erika Blazejova

  2. I like this list 😀 some of there profesions are really great and I would like to try them as well. I wanna make tunels!!! Just I am not sure if underground or under bank 😀 both of them seems nice in same way! 😀

    Also would be really interestring a list of unusual summer jobs. I think we would laught so lot about “jobs” which some people did. For example I heard that one guy had to cleen a bottom of the boat from shells and then the sailor gave him a lift to some island. 😀

  3. I like this,too 😀 but i dont wanna be tunnel maker,i´m thinking about piercing maker but i am not sure if my teoretical knowledges about banking management which i´m studying will be usefull 😀


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