The price of petrol still rises in the EU

In april prices of diesel over the past two weeks, on average, almost unchanged, increased by a tiny one tenth of a cent. Petrol is the most expensive in the history of the 22 EU countries. Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden do not reach these figures in case of petrol or oil.

The price of petrol was reduced in four EU countries last week, diesel in 19 and petrol became more expensive in 19 countries. Prices of petrol went up mostly in Belgium and Slovenia. It is the cheapest in Sweden and Denmark. The biggest rise of diesel in union has seen in Germany and Belgium. The largest price decrease occurred in Sweden and Estonia. Slovakia is on the 15th place in the EU ranking of petrol prices.

Many people keep asking when it is going to stop. Petrol stations are not empty but many people think twice whether they really need it. The analyst says that as long as American ships are gulf the price will be high. At this moment there are 4 American ships. Also the crisis in Eurozone and weak Euro will keep the prices high. The prices are the highest in Italy, Netherlands and Greece.

European comission also planned to cancel “good prices of diesel” which are caused by lower taxation. It would raise the price again by 22 cents per litre.  The main reason for this step is ecology when EU parliament members want to lower the use of fuels. If the proposal was passed the price would rise right at the time when the prices of fuels are the highest already.


4 thoughts on “The price of petrol still rises in the EU

  1. In Poland we have very silmilar price of petrol like in other countries in the UE, bit this is very high price compare salary in Poland and in Germany, Italy or in Netherlands. People because of this fact can not do so much. The did some protests against high prices of oil – they blocked streets, petrol stations, but it doesn’t help. Government answer – petrol will be chaeper when U.S. dollar will be cheaper in relation to polish zloty. Unfortunately external factors, price of petrol on world markets, causes the price in Poland is very high, to high for our pocket.

  2. Yes it is very bad situation in Europe with the price of petrol. In all countries prices are rising all the time. If we will think about the ecology, maybe it is good, because less people are using cars, and more people use buses.
    But still for people who need cars for their jobs it is a very bad situation. And in this financial crisis people don’t earn so much money making it difficult to survive. We need to wait till the situation will be better, but now we can’t see any improvement.
    In Lithuania we also have this problem and our salaries are lower than in other Europe countries.

  3. Petrol prices are still high, but the good news is that it does not grow. Every state should have an impact on the internal market of petrol – if not directly , although indirectly. Currently, state impact is limited to the imposition of excise duty. Patrol is a one of the strategic resource, and its price has a direct effect on the price of any product on the market. Every state should have its best interest at heart to keep as low as possible patrol price.


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