Problems of young people returning to Poland after working abroad.

Although the Polish labor market encourages engineers to return from abroad, those who decide to do that, often have a problems in finding work with the same amount of money as before – abroad. The main problem of this topic is that, so for example IT specialists or engineers, returning from emigration to our country have problems adjusting to the Polish reality of wage and conditions at work. Unfortunately engineers after returning to Polish often take jobs below their qualifications, agree to lower wages, and may even partially or totally go, “the gray zone.” From time to time they don’t have any other choice.

A few years ago one of the most important reasons for seeking employment abroad was to participate in interesting projects, increase skills, access to the know-how. Nowadays young people mostly want to go abroad because of high salaries there. When they decided to come back to Poland, they are disappointed. Salary is not so big compare to the other european countries, but prices of flats, cars or food are very high. Everything is much more expensive compare amount of money which you can earn and than spend in Poland and for example in Germany or Netherlands.

On the other hand those young people, which decided to go abroad without any education, experience and skills, just earn money in simply way,   have problem to find any work in Poland after coming back. Very important barrier to return is the lack of adequate experience. A candidate who for several years didn’t work in his industry or worked in breach with his qualifications, it is not an interesting candidate for the employer. A long break from work reduces the skill. What’s more interesting – often go to work abroad Poland is seems as an opportunity to quickly learn a foreign language. Unfortunately, however, polish immigrants generally work with other Polish people, which effectively prevents them their achieve this goal.


Rzeczpospolita, “Zawodowe bariery powrotu z emigracji”, 2011-06-28.


7 thoughts on “Problems of young people returning to Poland after working abroad.

  1. That’s why Poles are really reluctant to return from abroad. It’s also common that for a lot of young people, who decided once to go to work abroad, the decision of leaving one country does not necessarily mean a return to their homeland, to Poland. Many people, accustomed to being in exile, just change the country of residence and do not consider returning to Poland. People don’t want to live on credit, fearing of every day, so they decide to move, because in a lot of other European country than Poland is better ratio of wages to cost of living.

  2. In my opinion nowadays a lot of young people go to work abroad because they want to gain experience, improve their language skills and become more competitive on labour market. Of course for some people only money are a motivation. It is known that in West Europe salaries are much more higher than in Poland. When somebody go abroad only to earn money as phisical worker shouldn’t be disappointed after return to Poland that he could not find very good job with no experience.
    Generally young people are very well-educated and they needs some challenges and good salary. The biggest problem for them after return are money, that’s why a lot of them decide to stay in another country.

  3. It is such a good opportunity for young workers to go abroad, get some global experience at learn new things. But it is really depressing if you gain so much skills in another country, you go back home, which is actually a good thing and then you don’t find what you were looking for at your home country. Therefore, before going abroad you should be very critical about the advantages and disadvantages of this journey and you have to be 100% sure, if you want to risk it, to not find a job back in Poland. As a result, maybe the people who go abroad need some more clarification about their possible situation after return to their home country.
    I did not know that it is such a hopeless situation in Poland and found this article and comments really interesting, but also depressing. But to be realistic, it is impossible to change an entire country or even its labor market. Polish people are in a dilemma: there seems to be no other way then accepting the miserable working conditions and the low wages or to migrate to another, better suitable country with regard to job and personality, with the consequence to lose their home country.

  4. I wouldn’t blame the young Polish people for not going back to their countries. People go abroad to develop themselves and to gain knowledge and experience. With a certain education or degree you expect a certain renumeration. As Poland can’t renumerate its employees properly, it is understandable that the people seek to find a place with better living standards and wages.

  5. I also think that going abroad to work brings a lot of benefits. Not just in terms of sepcific skills but also in temrs of life experience. It is entitled that young people after working abroad want to earn more money than the people staying in Poland.
    Maybe it must become more public how useful working abroad can be. If we look for example to Germany you are the “king” if you have working experience abroad. Every Employee definitely appreciates this fact. If polish people who have been abroad could get the chance to prove their knowledge the whole thing would gain more prestige.

  6. I think the main reason people return from abroad is their disappointment. People think that living and working abroad is an idyll, a large salary a different culture … It turns out that it is not so colorful. Firstly, life is very expensive, the rent for an apartment, a number of charges and of course some kind of entertainment. Secondly, people cannot adapt to another culture, habits of behavior. They must adapt to local realities, which can feel like a stranger. They return to the country where there are no jobs or work is worse paid. But they do it for their families and for themselves. Just in their country feel better. And perhaps this is also the reason for return.


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