Women enter the business more responsibly

A survey conducted among young Slovak businessmen revealed that one out of four businessmen starts the business without any training or preparation. Women have also more responsible approach than men. During the preparation women do market research and consult with their friends. Men turn more trust to their own judgment and rely on their own knowledge of the market. These are the results of survey made by the Young Entrepreneurs Association in Slovakia.

While nearly 40 percent of men in Slovakia said they have not developed any business plan at the beginning, in case of women it was only less than 30 percent. According to the survey very important impetus for setting up of own business is the family or family business background. One third of entrepreneurs set up the business because their occupation was their hobby and more than a quarter has started to provide services which were previously performed as employees. A popular way of obtaining a business idea is the inspiration from abroad.

The survey also revealed differences between the impulses for the business of the sexes. Women are much less trying to commercialize their hobby than men. Women also start their business, to a lesser extent, using previous work experience as men. Without any training in the business quarter gave the young entrepreneurs in Slovakia. About one fifth of the market research and customer needs, only 2 percent consulted a specialist. The survey also revealed that only 61 percent of respondents in the preparatory phase of the business think that excellent superior mentoring is more important for businesses than availability of financial resources.

1,232 respondents took part in the survey, of which 908 were potential entrepreneurs and 324 have already began with the research.The survey was conducted in the competition of business idea, which is designed for people aged from 18 to 35 years. The winner will receive an advertising campaign worth 100 thousand Euros for a business idea that makes it to market in 2012 indicated a new product or service.



4 thoughts on “Women enter the business more responsibly

  1. I agree that women in business look at their jobs more carefully and more responsibly than men. I think because they need to prove themselves more than men. Of course all women look at their jobs more responsibly; not just in the business. And it is really good that nowadays we have more and more businesswomen in the world. And it is not right then men said that women can’t have businesses or have leading jobs. We all should have equal rights, men and women, at home and at work.

  2. Men are easier to take a risk and start their own business, because of the fact that an enterprising attitude was expected of them at every stage of their growing up – it’s obvious. However, what is interesting is that women in business go not only by rational premises, but also by intuition. They are more able to read nonverbal signals sent by, for example, the contractor than men. Women characterize also by bigger patience, and what’s more – resistance to failure. Additionally, more women than men can admit to mistakes, what is really important in business.

  3. I also think that woman are more encouraged regarding new learning experiences than men, because the woman first need to prove towards all male workers in the company that they also have knowledge and abilities in the nowadays industry. As the article says, that men mostly becoming entrepreneur based on their favor to their hobby and woman think more business oriented and trying to use their gained business experiences in order to establish something different away from their private life, is quite interesting and more or less applicable.
    The values and expectations of men and woman vary differently and therefore, the equality of men and woman should not be an issue when it comes to new ideas of a new product or service, because the individualism is the key factor in this kind of matter. However, the responsible character of woman will hopefully pay off in the near future and will also lead to more top job positions among female workers.


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