Women governing in Lower Silesia – province in Poland.

ImageActually there is not so many women in Community Management in Lower Silesia. At 169 only 12 are managed by women. (This can be seen on the picture.)  In Lower Silesia is not a single woman president. There are also no women rulers larger urban-rural communes. In established in 1999 province Lower Silesia woman was not yet up to now Governor or the Marshal. Experts from the local to the question why so few women directs municipalities, break arms helplessly.

The problem also is in the fact that one woman in the top management position with some success do not pull the next one. On the other hand, we must remember that women often voluntarily resign from the race for the palm, explaining to other priorities, such as family, children. It also has an impact on the statistics.

Generally, in Polish politics involved few women. We as a country in this respect conservative. This must change and positively to any initiatives that are appropriate. The introduction of parity is correct, but it should be the only way to change the status quo, not the solution implemented once and for all. Women in politics is small, because they are not interested in it. Therefore, they are not among the candidates for government in Lower Silesia. But among mayors and creating motion and candidates ladies appeared in small numbers.

Of course, if we compare the professional situation of women in Poland to those of Arab or South American countries, it appears that there is no reason to complain. But if we take as reference the Scandinavian countries, we see how great a distance we have yet to overcome. Often it is also possible that women consciously refrain from pursuing a managerial position, to avoid conflict situations, which brings with it politics or business. You still need to ask yourself whether full equality in Poland is possible? In my opinion, is not very difficult as there are branches of natural male and female of course, where one or the other sex will prevail. But do not change the fact that we need to align earnings in the same positions and women in managerial positions, and not only.





2 thoughts on “Women governing in Lower Silesia – province in Poland.

  1. In general, it is still a global problem of having only a few women in top positions and this appearance is more increasing if you have a look at the rural areas. In such regions, people still stick much more to traditions and culture than in modern and big cities. As a result, it is much more difficult for women in rural areas to get in top positions or even in local governments. Furthermore if you compare rural areas with urban areas, women in traditional communities have to work much harder to convince other people from their skills than women in modernized cities. As a consequence, I doubt that women in Poland, or especially in Lower Silesia are not interested in politics, I just think that it is really difficult for them to be political successful in this area and they –maybe- do not even try to get in the local governments due to the little chance they have and the huge effort they would have to bring up.
    Still, in my opinion women should decide by themselves what they want – career or family. Then, if women want to be successful in their job, it should not be so difficult for them to be successful in every matter. Furthermore, an improvement of the same working conditions, e.g. wages, for women and men is definitely necessary. However, in my opinion, the huge and worldwide discussion about the female quota in top positions is already a big step and will cause some changes in our working world, sooner or later.


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