Chinese Investors in North Rine-Westphalia

Within the next days the chinese XCMG group will announce the acquisition of SCHWISCH, a North Rhine-Westphalian (NRW) manufacturer of concrete pumps. More and more chinese companies are purchasing and participating on the NRW-market and are now very welcome.

It is not possible to keep on working at Schwisch without any investor and therefore it was necessary to accept that deal with the chinese company. Many employees are already working a long time on short-time working arrangements which are not allowed anymore. Also an amount of nearly 150 employees had to leave the company this year. With more than 3000 employees and a an annual turnover of 400 milion Euros, Schwing is one of the biggest manufactures of concrete pumps in the world.

Many years China was only known as a big sales market for german products such as inudstry goods or cars. But nowadays many chinese companies are showing a huge growth and are also able to invest into german companies which are searching for investors.

After a third trip to china for keeping economic relations between Germany and especially North Rine-Westphalia and China, North Rine-Westphalia´s minister of trade and commerce Voigtsberger had the impression that the chinese interest of investing into german companies is incredibly high. Over the years NRW has established his good reputation with three chinese provinces and also with the federal government in Bejing. Due to the fact that a personal contact assume a high status in the chinese business, Voigtsberger takes care a lot about the economic relationship between NRW and China.

More than 700 chinese companies have their own branch offices in NRW, mostly in the car industry, mechanical engineering, textile trade, steel trade or IT technology. Many workplaces have been created by companies like Genertec, Huawei or Midea. Investments by chinese companies have increased within the last two years and the investors have recognized that it is easier to develop ther german market with creating branch offices in Germany and especially in NRW.

Chinese investments does not mean only disadvantages. Chinese companies also know that the german Know-how is not exportable. On the one hand there are for sure companies which try to buy the Know how and want to reduce or dissolve german locations. On the other hand many chinese investors want to develop the german locations as an advantages for both sides. Finally, there is no other country in the world in which chinese investments has increased so fast like in Germany, and North Rine-Westphalia is the heart of these investments.



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