Women’s issues at work


One of the mainly women’s issues at work is safety and health. The safety and health conditions at work are very different between countries, economic sectors and social groups, even between men and women. Deaths and injuries take a particularly heavy toll in developing countries, where a large part of the population is engaged in hazardous activities, such as agriculture, fishing and mining. Throughout the world, the poorest and least protected – often women, children and migrants – are among the most affected.

Gender inequalities in the workplace and work-life balance issues have become increasingly important as employment rates of women have continued to grow in all world.

For example, America’s work force has changed in the last 50 years. Though men still outnumber women in the workforce, the percent of women working has steadily increased from 34% in 1950s to 60% today. The percent of men working has been decreasing during this time, from 84% in the 50s to only 73% working today.

But also gender inequalities in the workplace and work-life balance issues have become increasingly important in all EU Member States. In 2009, 58.6% of the European work force (EU-27) was female and women filled 59% of all newly created jobs, the extent to which women contribute economically still seems to be underestimated.

Image        „The greater the work pressure, the higher the risk for heart disease among women ages 51 and under

Women face different workplace health challenges than men. This is partly because men and women tend to have different kinds of jobs. Women are more often in monotonous jobs with high productivity demands and little control over the content of the work.

Following are some of the prevalent problems of working women face:

 1.Financial problems – all those problems that need financial investment and planning are included here. Beginning from arranging their kid education to health insurance coverage, and loss of revenue to neglected work etc.

2.Logical concerns – the list of concerns contained in the logical concerns contains the synchronization of work of a working women. She should strategize all her details of her entire working day. The concern might start with the utilization of regional vehicle to managing working hours, handling with her kid’s medical check-up and sickness, preserving breast milk to feed her kid.

3.Health concerns – burden relevant illness is very prevalent in working women. The percentage of working women dropping down due to sickness much more than women who are working outside and stay at home. Overloaded pressure, less sleep, social problems on women going out for work, personal culpability of leaving kid alone in home and much more all these are major elements of stress in working women. Poor working conditions cause stress, and stress causes a whole range of physical problems, from cardio -vascular disease to gastro -intestinal problems.

4.Professional development problems- frequently working women tend to miss chances of promotions and also for various health insurance advantages because of their cut-back at working time or participating in part-time work. Also, Like all workers in insecure jobs, women may fear that bringing up a safety issue could result in job loss or more difficult work situations. They may also be less likely to report a work-related injury.

5.Interpersonal problems – working women who have low control on their work are majorly prone to such problems. This not just leaves the women emotionally irritated however also physically tired. This might cause disturbances and needless disputes in home. Probaly part of women now marrying later in life, staying in school longer, delaying childbirth, and having fewer children than in previous years. More women are choosing to continue working while also balancing the traditional parenting responsibilities.


To sum up, the balance between different genders refers to the way a person could combine his work along with other areas of his life like socialization, exercising and childcare. It is often a problem for all of us because it is about how long we have to work and the nature of our work. Therefore women’s problems that occur in their day to day life, mainly can be solved by themselves and their fellow beings – take significant care of yourself and to support and observe women’s right in general. Of course, demands for paid maternity leave and job protection, equal pay for work of equal value,policies to prevent sexual harassment all improve women’s working conditions and women’s occupational health.







One thought on “Women’s issues at work

  1. I think it is a very interesting and important subject, nowadays. For women it is not easy to assert oneself in the working life. You get the feeling you must be like men, and it is never enough. You have to prove every day what a big profit you are. In the past it was worse for women. Working conditions and aspects of men made women to be housewifes with no rights. Everyone knows the saying: A woman´s place is behind the cooker. Even today women have to hear such things.
    In my opinion there is a big need to improve our ideology, but it will take time.


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