Blog 2, EU

Addie Acuff

Labor Economics

April 24th, 2012

Blog #2 European Union


The European Union is in a crisis for job creation. The truth is there currently are 24.5 million people who do not have jobs within the European Union. This number will continue to grow if nothing is done. Many people and families have suffered through enough pain. Some experts believe they have ideas on how they can generate jobs for the European Union.

One belief is that there is growth available in the renewable energy sector, healthcare for elderly and computer science. I agree with this belief. The European Union could expand their renewable energy sources. This could provide jobs in Spain and Portugal which have been hit very hard by the recession. Since these countries possess a lot of sunlight they could start implementing even more solar energy. Throughout Europe there could be an increase in wind power. Even colder climates such as Finland and Ireland could benefit from implementing more renewable resources.  Europe has a growing aging population. These people will present a demand for those who know how to care for them. I personally used to work as a personal care assistant for the elderly. Jobs similar to where I used to work do not require very much training or knowledge. While the elderly will need trained individuals there still is a need for those who are not trained but can still help with cleaning or simple assistance. In addition there is always room for new innovation and the young generation can create jobs by innovation. Technology is always changing.

Another idea for the European Union is for governments to reduce the tax wedge. This would make it more cost efficient to hire new workers. For many countries it is simply impossible for companies to hire more people because of the costs the company occurs. For many this includes benefits that an employer needs to pay such as healthcare and social security. Countries such as Spain among other have high costs associating with hiring because the employer must make an investment with each employee. Many people believe it may be better for the governments to fight back against black markets for labor. Many of these people who work in the black markets are receiving unemployment or other government welfare. In addition, many of these people are not investing back into the country. While they may be able to invest into the markets they are not paying the same amount of taxes. Overall these people are cheating the rest of their country and all of their family and friends.

One thing is true politicians need to stop talking and start acting. As for me and others of my generation it is a scary time to live. We are all making investments into our futures however none of us feel like the future is secured for us. Many of us will end up working abroad or struggling to support ourselves if things do not improve. The European Union is at risk of failing not only as a union but as a society if things do not change. Luckily there is hope for the future these ideas among others will leave us with some hope. We can only hope for a brighter future for those unemployed.



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