EU opens the door for foreign specialists

There are not enough qualified specialist who are coming from abroad to the EU. The Eu Commission wants to change this gap now with the so called Blue Card. On a fast track it should be possible that these specialist will receive their residents and working permit. On this way specialist of non Eu countries and their families shall obtain these permits.

The „Blue EU working card“ (Blue Card) should be valid for two years but can be extended at least for two more years. If a Non EU citizen lives together with his family more than five years in the EU, it will be possible that he receives a long-term residence permit and additional rights. But all EU-member states still have to agree on this proposal for legilation oft he EU Commission.

The aim of this initiative is to work against the labor shortages within the European Union. Only five percent of well trained immigrants worldwide are moving to the European Union. Fiftyfive percent instead are emigrating in the United States. Due to this fact, the European Union is not as attractive as they wish tob e.

The requirements for issuing the „Blue EU-workind card“ should be the same in all EU-member states. It is necessary to hold a working contract, a sufficient income and a proof of a professional qualification. Also, it is important that the sallary is at least three times higher than the minimum wage in each country. If there is no common minimal wage like for example in Germany, the salary to be three time higher than the valid social security rate. This rule should bring an advantage for the specialist not to earn less money than an employee of an EU-member state.

There will be also strict rules in case of unemployment. If an owner of an Blue Card will be unemployed more than three consecutive months he will lose his permit.But there will also occur a big resistance against the Blue Card and the plans of the European commission. Many countries think that they should have the rights to be responsible for their own labor market .




3 thoughts on “EU opens the door for foreign specialists

  1. I thought that in the EU we would have enough specialists. I never imagined that we would need a lot of specialists from abroad.
    I think that the blue card is a great idea. It gives specialists a better opportunity to come to the EU. They will faster come to the EU if the paperwork is easier.
    The rules of the blue card are good. 2 years is a good time to work in one position, but if the specialists really like the country and their work is it possible for them to stay longer. I agree with the fact that a specialist will lose his permit after being unemployed for more than three months. He gets his blue card to work in the EU, so if he doesn´t have a job for an extended period, it is better to search for a job in another country.
    What I don´t understand is why a specialist has to earn 3 times the amount of the minimum wage. Is that to make sure that the hospital doesn´t underpay them or is that to attract only the top specialists who get big checks every month? Because I don´t think that a specialist would earn less money than an employee of an EU-member state. I think that their employers are so happy and proud that a foreign specialist is coming to enforce their team; they will pay the specialist a good salary.

  2. The introduction of the Blue Card is unfortunately not such a new idea. In Germany, there was this model from 2000 to 2004 under the name Green Card to combat skill shortages in IT personnel. The rapid end of the model can be explained by the creation of a new Immigration law which made ​​the benefits of green card superfluous.
    A success or failure was unfortunately unable to determine, since the project was overshadowed by the collapse of the New Economy.


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