Green Employment in Germany

The expression „Green Job“ concludes all the jobs in the production of products, technologies and services, which avoid environmental damages and which preserve natural ressources. To put it differently, it includes all the jobs which help to sustain or even to improve the environmental quality.

Due to the high population density and the high level of industrialisation in this country, the so called „Green Jobs“ play a growing role in German society.

Over the last years, there were many heated debates about the topic „environment“ due to the greenhouse effect for example and this provoked a boom of the environmental technology.

Germany became one of the world market leader in the area of „Renewable energy“.

In 1997, a new law was introduced in Germany, the „Feed-in-law“, which required utilities to purchase different kinds of renewable energy at different rates.This subsidization of wind and solar power attracted accordingly a lot of investors. Thus Germany became worldwide leader in the field of solar technology.

Additionally, wind energy has established itself as a long-term, viable alternative energy source. In 2010, there were more than 21,000 wind power stations in Germany with 87,000 people working in them and Germany became the second-largest producer of wind energy (after the United States).

In 2010, about 340 000 people were employed in the renewable energy sector and in this number the services in environmental technologies is not even included (e.g. research and development activities).

 Furthermore in Germany, the government invest in the battery-powered vehicles and the plan is to have one million electronic cars in operation by 2020. This branch could create another estimated 30,000 jobs.

 In addition whole new industries have been constructed because of the environmental topic, for example the recycling industry.

In a long process, we could say that a whole economic „green“ sector has developed in Germany over the last 30 years. Germany’s environmental technology sector today represents 16 percent of the global market.

Moreover Germany became the export world champion in environment protection, so many countries try to follow Germany as an example by investing more in the environmental industry.

In 2010, the German Federal Minister for Environment, Norbert Röttgen, announced 1.8 million green jobs as part of this “green sector”.

To sum up, the green jobs play an important role in Germany and their number is still increasing, it is said that the climate protection played the role of a real job motor during the recession. So, the green sector does not only have a good impact on the environmental situation of a country, but also on the employment and on the economic growth.



3 thoughts on “Green Employment in Germany

  1. I have never heard of the term green jobs. Now with the explanation it makes a lot of sense. I think that it is very important to invest in renewable energy, electronic cars and the recycling energy. After all we only have one planet, so we must take good care of it.
    The consequences of the greenhouse effect are already visible right now. This we must see as a big motivation to protect our earth from furthering contamination and come up with some creative solutions for that.
    As we seen in this post the renewable energy, electronic cars and recycling energy are not only good for the earth, but also for the employment of people. 1.8 million Green jobs is really a lot. I know that in the Netherlands we use wind energy a lot. I hope that other countries see Germany as an example so that they will invest more in green jobs as well.

  2. I think the growth rate in industries with environmental awareness and sustainability is extremely high that there is a threat that the growth cannot be covered by the available workers on the labour market due to the lack of job specialisation.
    For that reason, there are more and more online providers of employment services and information that specialise in green jobs. On their website you can find job offers out of different industries focusing on the environmental and sustainable factor, such as renewable energy, environmental research, environmental planning and environmental administration and so on.
    In my opinion it is a good thing to bundle green job offers on extra websites because in nowadays there exists an extremely high number of different job specifications even without the focus on environment. So if you opt for a green job you can just visit the “green online providers” and concentrate on your search without being annoyed by “normal” job offers. I think it makes it easier for both, employee and renewable companies, to find each other on the labour market.


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