Integrating disadvantaged groups into the labor market(Ostrava region, CZE)

“Design tools for integrating disadvantaged groups into the labor market, whether it is a long-term unemployed, physically disabled, people approaching retirement age or graduates who are first entering the labor market, based on Labour Pool is a result of the annual Moravian Covenant employment action,” said the annual meeting to sign the Covenant Moravian Deputy Governor Marian Lebiedzik (CSSD).Labour Pool is financed by European funds.

Labour Pool concept as a tool for the transitional labor market has managed the negotiations with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Office for Protection of Competition to promote regional individual projects financed from European funds. The pilot will be checked in the Region.

“The beneficiaries become employees,” said Executive Board member of newspaper “Pravo” Zdenek Karasek.

“The agency hard placeable employ temporarily unemployed for a year or year and a half, during which time the person will partly work on some contracts, which would make the agency, or through the agency of other employers, and when it did not work, you will develop skills . At the same time, the Agency along with him will try to find for him in the labor market, “described how the tool should work, Karasek.

“Sixty percent of program participants after completion of work in Labour Pool should either enter the labor market,” said Secretary Petr Czekaj


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