Labour Market Situation In Slovenia

Faster economic growth is the biggest promoter of employment and the best means of social protection and social inclusion of the population. Slovenia must increase employment and expand the share of older workers. Slovenian economy is dependent on the quality of the workforce. Therefore we need a reform of educational programs and increase the effectiveness of study and continuing training to employees.

In 2010, the annual average number of registered unemployed persons was a little more than 100,000. As in the previous year, among those people men were in the majority; they presented a little more than 52%. Among unemployed men, the annual average number of registered unemployed was the highest by those aged between 25 and 54 years (almost two thirds of them), followed by those aged 55 and more (a little more than one fifth). As regards unemployed women the situation was similar: among them those aged between 25 and 54 years were also in the majority, but their share was almost 15 percentage points higher than the share of men. In contrast with the previous year, when second place was taken by younger women (aged less than 25 years), they were followed by women aged 55 years and more.

According to the Statistical Office in the first quarter of 2011 continued to reduce employment and increase unemployment. During this period it was among the Slovenian population 928,000 economically active, which is 35,000 or 3.6% less than the previous quarter. The number of unemployed in the second quarter increased significantly. In the first quarter, that number rose to 5,000, to 86,000 unemployed. The unemployment rate was 8.5%, for men 8.6% and 8.3% for women. Unemployment was highest among young (15 to 24 years) and was 18, 8%.



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