Prognosis for Czech republic : unenployment will increase and real wages will decrease

Prognosis for Czech republic : unenployment will increase and real wages will decrease:

Czech economy will grow to the limit of decimals of percent or even will slightely decrease in year 2012.. Also a slight increase will be in unemployment but on the other hand real wages will fall. Foodstuff will be more expensive and also price of energy will grow up. This is conclusion of economs who did research in this topic, employers and state administration.


The reason of expected decrease of czech economy are mainly debt problems of countries from eurozone  and weakening of foreign demand. In last year should economy grow till 2%  by estimation of specialist. This has been made by elevation of the lower rate of VAT from 10 %to 14%.


Czech prime minister Petr Nečas expect, that czech economy will flag, but it will not be so big flag just a little at most 1% it will lead to loosing about 40milliard czech crowns of nation income. State is going to sell some property so the decreas will not be so big as the flag causes. But still the lost will not be balanced.

Czech currency should empower during this year and at the end of year should be on 25crown for 1 euro. Economs are expection a slight weakening in few first months of this year because of European dept.  And also estimate that the exchange rate will fluctuate more than in last years.

Employers union are expection a slight increase of unenployment and decreas of real wages. The most important for czech companies will be the progress of German economy, solving the dept crysis in EU and also monetary policy at solving these depts.

Expecting increas slowdown of economy in year 2012 unfavourably enfluence agriculture and that is also why more unenployed people will be.


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