UK: New immigration policy

Damian Green the immigration minister of the UK pointed out in his speech about immigration what they are expecting from immigrants who want to join Great Britain.

In his point of view nowadays immigration is still one of the most important issues which needs to be controlled. He made clear that the question is not to discuss about the right number of immigrants that are needed but about the right people to immigrate. These days it is no more possible that immigrants only benefit from Britain, they also need to be a benefit for Britain.

Because of that they need an immigration policy that points out who is able to come to the UK and an immigration system that delivers that. The view of the previous government, the more immigration the better because of the demographic benefit no matter of the social consequences, does not exist anymore.

He wanted to make clear that according to the point of family migration they only want people coming to Great Britain who are willing to integrate fully and are independent. Independent means for him that they are able to speak English and having enough money to support themselves. That´s the reason why they are discussing about an appropriate income range from £18.600 to £25.700.

The main point he wanted to be said is that everyone who wanted to come to Great Britain must be selected to make a positive contribution. He also wanted to bring the migration debates about the topic whether all immigrants are only good or only bad for the UK on a higher level. He made his position clear that the question is how Britain can benefit from migration and the only way to answer this question is by creating an immigration system as soon as possible which shows what Britain really needs, where only the ‘brightest and the best’ are allowed to join Britain.



5 thoughts on “UK: New immigration policy

  1. I think this is a good way to let people in to the country. But they have to make a good policy otherwise there’s a chance some casus will look like discrimination.

    I agree that people that want to immigrate have to be a value for the country. Otherwise they could stay in their home country. I think that this policy will scare a lot of immigrants that want to go to the country hoping for a better life. At this policy people have to have enough money, so they can care for them self.

  2. Today, immigration is an important topic. Especially, Great Britain has a problem regarding its immigration politics. In 2006, the internal affairs ministry forgot to shunt around thousand criminal foreigners. In addition, some illegal immigrants work as guards in the ministry. These led to many discussions in society. (Source:,1518,548975,00.html)

    Regarding the new immigration policy, the immigration minister of the UK Damian Green is right, when he says that immigrants should integrate themselves. Some forms of disintegration are criminality, neglect and ethnical conflicts. It is understandable, that Great Britain wants to prevent disintegration.
    I also agree that is it necessary that immigrating people should learn or already speak the official language. It is the first and most important integration factor. Otherwise integration is not possible. Without speaking the official language, in this case English, they cannot integrate into the British society and cannot find their way around at work and also in private life.

    According the minimum income of £18.600 I do not agree. Some people do not find a job in their home country. They want to immigrate because they hope to find a good job. For these people it is difficult to realise immigration, although some of them are willing to integrate and to learn the language. That is why I think money should not be the criteria to select people.
    It is better to implement a law which says that immigrants have to attend a language course and have to pass a language test after for example half a year.

  3. In my opinion, It’s agreeably, that Britain doesn’t want to avoid and stop migration way, but wants to improve better situation for immigration and get benefit from that. Because on of the way how to cope with Immigration Globaly, is to establish good immigration policy, that don’t embodied forbid for coming new immigrants. I like, that one of priciples for immigration policy is that new immigrants should be willing to integrate in Britain, not just only come here to find a job and pay bills in his home country. But of course, creating new policy, there is need to observe level of human right, in order to keep everything with the law and don’t discriminate people’s rights.

  4. I think it is a good option to control who is coming to Great Britan , at least when it comes to working immigrants. A person coming with the purpose to work should be valuable for the receiving country. A problem when you only get high qualified workers, is that it cause lack of employees were there is no need for an high education, like in the cleaning industry. However, I think when it comes to refugees it is not possible to be critical. There should be good systems in the receiving country helping the refugees to adapt, and get the experience, knowledge the need for getting a job later.


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