Increasing competence in West Sweden

Many perople agree that school is the most important supplier to the labour market and the increasement of competence is often wiewed as a solution for problems on the labour market. This is also a wiew shared by the chambler of the region west Sweden. They mean that schools with strong connections with companies on the labour market, the right attitude of young people towards work and an increasing inflow of international competences will help the labour market to grow.

The chambler want to secure a competetive business community in West Sweden and this is why they  now are running a comprising campaign for increasing competence in the region. They claim that their mission is clear, they want to bring in a business perspective to education. They also want entrepreneurship and leadership to be a big part of education and they mean that the right attitude and a positive feeling towards work is as important as formal knowledge . So to bring a bussiness perspective in education and a positive feeling towards work and entrepreneurship the chambler wants to increase the partnership between local businesses in west sweden and the schools of the region.

Since the companies in west sweden soon will have to employ more competent staff another key that the cambler is mentioning is to increase the inflow of international competences who wish to work and develop in the region. The chambler is therefor having a close partnership with the schools of the region in the mission to attract the right international competences to West Sweden.



In the mission of increasing competence in west Sweden the chambler is working for:

Strenghtening students attitudes towards business. Increase teachers and other school workers insight in the labourmarket.

Make all school workers spend atleast one preocent of their working hours in the reality that awaits the students after finishing school.

Atleast ten precent of west swedens students should have ongoing contakt with sponsor companies.

Contact with the labourmarket should be a big part of the teacher education.

The universities of west sweden should develop to be among the best in the world.

Attract and keep international competences for both studies and labour.


Personally I really belive that having connections with companies already in school would help young people when it is time for them to search for a job. In gives a wiev of what working in a company would be like, what kind of jobs and businesses there are and most important, connections for the future. Also companies will gain from this though they get to know and teach young people and possible employees on an early stage. What do you think of the chamblers attempts to increase competence in the west of Sweden?




3 thoughts on “Increasing competence in West Sweden

  1. What could be more better, than experience during your studies! In my opinion, it’s very good idea, which could bring successful results in west of Sweden- increasing young people abilities, skills in different kind of ways. Also for my country(Latvia) is that kind of plan to develop partnership between local business and schools of the region. It just will help for young people spend their time useful and get benefit from that.
    This way is one step closer to change youth unemployment rate.

  2. I also think it is important to get early in contact with the business to collect experiences and get to know which kind of job is the best for oneself.
    During my school time I had only one internship for two weeks. In my opinion it was not enough. After finishing school many people do not know what to do. They often even try some studies or apprenticeships and change because they are not satisfied.
    If pupils get earlier and more often in contact with the business during school, they know better what kind of work they like. In addition, it is easier for them to find a job because they already have some professional contacts and can benefit from them. Moreover pupils get a realistic image of entrepreneurship, develop interest for economic connections and improve their entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour.

    But not only pupils have advantages. Also the companies benefit from these relationships. Companies can search qualified pupil and bind them to the company. Additionally, they can present the company in a positive way and show social engagement. Finally, they also can help shape the educational content.


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