There will be more gaps in the European labour market.

While some professors assume that the economy and the labour market is a process of nature, and solves itself, is it more and more clear that there will be a gap in the labour market due to the aging in Europe.
In the future a lot of companies and organizations in Europe will have to deal with staff shortages. Not only staff shortages but also an even more serious problem, that missing of staff with the right quality.
The lower educated people have to upgrade their education to be able to take the jobs for the higher educated ones.
It is going to be more important than ever that the government is watching the labour market. There will be enough people for the jobs, the government has to lead them in the right places. If they want the workless people to get jobs, they need to provide them a personal program.
Other solutions for the problem are:
– More flexible employments relations, then companies and organizations will assume new employers easier.
– More temporarily jobs or internships for workless people, so it is easier for them to get a job because they have more experience and connections.
A lot of researchers are thinking that not only a increasing of labour participation (More people have to work, people have to work longer) will be enough the solve the problem. With the solutions found in this blog, the labour productivity will increase. A combination of increasing of the labour participation and the productivity as well should be solving the problem of aging.



2 thoughts on “There will be more gaps in the European labour market.

  1. This is an interesting article and I also belive that it is very important for the gouvernment to work against a mismatch in the future labour market. It is important that people who educate themselves do this in an area where there will be a need for workers in the future. A skill upgrade might be needed but I especially belive in the right kind of education that will match the demand of the labour market. And for this we need to know in what areas of business there will be gaps. Just as the article says the gouvernment needs to monitor the labour market and guide people to the right kind of education,


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