Renewable Energies lead to new jobs and economic growth

When people talk about Sustainable Energy Development there are typically three major technological changes: energy savings on the demand side and , efficiency improvements in the energy production  and , and replacement of fossil fuels by various sources of renewable energy. Consequently, large-scale renewable energy implementation plans must include strategies for integrating renewable sources in coherent energy systems influenced by energy savings and efficiency measures.  This development to renewable energy  leads to new job possibilities round the world in this sector.

For example the European Union states, that the industry sector of renewable energies could generate 5 Million jobs across Europe till 2020. Furthermore another forecast says that for every job in renewable energies there are six more jobs in the direct supply chain. Also a global change to renewable energies would be a big chance to decrease the effects on the environment because of CO2 pollution.

On the other hand a change to renewable energies also leeds to a decreasing amountof  jobs in the mining and oil&gas production sector. All in all you can say that a change to renewable energies has a lot of positive effects on the environment and the global labour market.


5 thoughts on “Renewable Energies lead to new jobs and economic growth

  1. Saving energy and its efficient use begins with the knowledge that energy is not given by itself and that is not in unlimited quantities. In addition to the relatively high cost of its production requires the ecological tax. We must realize that a deliberate and planned use of energy not only affects the family budget in households. Its influence extends beyond, the whole economy, public sector and the environment in the country. Saving energy does not decrease our standard of living or even additional costs, it means higher quality and easier to use all kinds of energies. People’s bad habits should be changed into positive habits and use the necessary technical changes in our homes and in the business environment. How to draw people to it, it will optimally illuminate the premises behind the light fade over, shut the water, adequate heating living and working space? The importance of energy saving devices is shown earlier than we usually think. Activities that need to achieve the reduction of energy use steadily implemented include: adequate organization of the energy management of buildings, education and awareness-raising activities of all users, technical and investment measures for energy efficiency (EE) and greater use of renewable energy sources (RES).
    For example, in Slovenia have done research on this topic and the results show the following: Companies are generally not willing to pay higher prices for energy produced from renewable energy sources (69% of the companies that participated in the survey). Only 6% of commercial customers have already invested in the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, only 20% of companies are seriously considering investing financial resources in the production of electricity from renewable sources, and a further 20% are considering, but not seriously, half of business customers in the renewable energy sources would not invest money. In addition, 30 percent of companies are not aware of the incentives ECO Fund loans with subsidized interest rate and the EU Cohesion Fund for the efficient use of electricity is not known in about half of the companies.

  2. I could not agree more! I think Spain could really benefit from taking advantage of their natural sources of energy. Eventually the gas and oil will run out but wind and solar will not run out. What a great way to save the environment and help the economy and create jobs!

  3. I agree that new areas of technology are vital in the growth of economies. Also greener business practices can help businesses have brighter futures economically and outside of business.

  4. I completely agree! The development of new sustainable energy initiatives will be a major part of our future. It has already become a much more talked about and ‘in the spotlight’ topic in recent years and is becoming more and more important as the years go on. People are starting to realise that oil and gas are not in never ending supply and are also paying much more attention to the harmful effects fossil fuels have on our environment. This increased awareness combined with the need for sustainable job creation, in my opinion, means our future as a global economy will be greatly dependent on this emerging sector and companies/governments should try to take advantage of this to the best of their abilities.


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